Saturday, December 18, 2004

The Best Of Year One Part I: December 2003-May 2004

To celebrate my blog's one year anniversary, I'm going to recap the best posts of my first year blogging. The posts are in chronological order and are not ranked in any way. Also, I'll comment on how I feel about certain posts at this time in my life.

December 2003

Yes, I've Joined The Bandwagon...--The very first post. Not exactly great, but it is noteworthy.

Album of The Week: OutKast--Speakerboxxx/The Love Below--The first of many music reviews.

The Holiday Lowdown Part I--The 23rd Birthday 12/24/2003 and The Holiday Lowdown Part II--Christmas Day 2003

Album of The Week: Missy Elliott--Miss E...So Addictive

Pass That Blog, Pass That Blog

Books, Movies, Music, and More!--My comment about the "the millions of fans scrutinizing [the film version of Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban]'s every nook and cranny" ended up coming true. Freaky.

January 2004

On the last day of 2003...--I still think that Gigli isn't as bad as people say it is. When it came on cable, my sister and I would turn to the movie just to see Christopher Walken's scene. However, poor Ben Affleck hasn't made a good movie since...

Pump It Up--My mom still uses an insulin pump (although she changed to a more sophisticated model a few months ago) and she seems to have less low blood sugar incidents than she used to. I'm very glad she has that pump.

Album of The Week: Boards of Canada--Geogaddi--The Final Album of The Week post

Playing Catch Up--The Short Story--The short story I mention here is on my Fiction Press site, if you want to read it. I'm not sure if it's any good at all, but it is different from anythine else I've ever written.

Movie Round-Up--I still don't know what exactly happened at the end of Swimming Pool. Could somebody help me out?

Untitled (Brainstorming Short Story Ideas)--I only tried writing one of these ideas and I didn't end up finishing it.

American Idol Quick Post--I only included this post because of the comment about Ryan Seacrest. It's still oh so true.

Thoughts on My Sense of Humor

Buy One Post, Get 9 Free!

Academy Award Comments and Academy Award Comments Part 2

Fun At The Movies: "You Got Served" and "You Got Served" comments

February 2004

Super Bowl XXXVIII: Patriots, Panthers, Commercials...and Titties and One Titty Halftime Show...The Aftermath--I still can't believe this crap has affected TV (and entertainment) the way it has. "Wardrobe Malfunction" is the phrase of 2004.

Black History Spotlight: Langston Hughes

Lost in Translation Post--I couldn't put the post's real title here because it's in Japanese.

Introducing...The Thirteen Fighting Temptations!

Black History Spotlight: Ida B. Wells

Comments on The 46th Annual Grammy Awards

Only 2 Things Are Certain in Life: Altoids and Taxes--Kanye West's album is the best hip-hop album of 2004.

Looking for A Good Job is Hard--And it still is.

Gasp! No Title!

The Passion of The Media of The Passion of The Christ--Now that I think about it...the title of this post doesn't really make any sense.

"Look at him...he LOVES the stuff!"--This is the first time I railed againt the way advertisers portray black people. I'm not really mad or offended by ads like the Hot Salt ad I mention, so much as I am disappointed. You'd think marketers would know better by now.

My Oscar Predictions and Other Musings

March 2004

Thoughts on the 76th Annual Academy Awards and The Oscar Scorecard

African-American Splendor--Ever since we got that TV, I never want to watch DVDs in my room.

Posts About Sterling

The Friday Five and The Friday Five: Week 2 and The Pseudo-Friday Five--I miss that site.

Sterfish and TV and A Movie--I'm looking forward to the DVD release of Wonderfalls in 2005.

The Big Update

Funny Things of All Types

Dawn Of The Dead Before Dawn

Show of Support And More--Ooh...that V8 commercial...

Halle Berry Chooses Bad Roles/A Glimpse of Korean Music/Et Cetera--I'd take that K-Pop over some of Usher's recent stuff any day.

Quick Comments on The Ladykillers

Sunday Was A Bright Day The Day Before Yesterday

April 2004

The April Fools Blog 2004 and April Fool's Blog Bonus Features--I had a lot of fun creating this, even if it's really silly. I'm especially proud of the Ninja Pirate Mobile Robot fake news article. (Warning: The April Fools Blog contains potentially offensive content.)

Something’s Gotta Give When You Rundown Your Brother’s Bear With A Texas Chainsaw--That's the best post title ever.

Another Reason to Hate FOX and Other Random Crap

Good Things Do Happen To Good People and Let's Play Ball!--I really enjoyed my experience at Wrigley Field. Now, I want to go to a White Sox game at The Cell or a Bulls game at the United Center.

RBC: Revolutionary But Cheesy--I still contend that The Matrix Revolutions wasn't that bad. A disappointment? Absolutely. But not necessarily a bad movie.

Manga Maniac--You may notice that I put volumes of both of the manga series mentioned here on my Christmas Wish List.

Preemptive Strike Against FOX--It's not looking too good for Malcolm in The Middle at the moment, but I remain hopeful that I won't have to write another post like this soon.

Jennifer Hudson--AKA Tamyra Gray Redux--2005 will be the year that I tell myself "It's just a show...and a black person or two will be screwed over no matter what."

G-Unit Wishes They Came Up With It First--My GMail address is now one of my primary addresses. And I still have invitations left if anyone wants one.

Pretty Toney... and ...Just Pretty

Bill's Been Killed--I'm so glad David Carradine got a Golden Globe nomination for his performance. He was great.

May 2004

About Dubs And Subs--This is about anime...not live-action. 90% of dubs of live-action foreign films are incredibly cheesy.

Quick Movie Reviews

Soooooooul Plane....Crashes and Burns--The actors in this film must have needed the money. There can't be any other explanation.

For MTV, “99 Problems” Has But One

Well, Our Family Got Some Bad News...--Certainly one of the low points of the year.

Belleville Rendez-Vous--Up until I saw Super Milk-Chan on Cartoon Network, this was easily the strangest animated thing I had ever seen.

Movies Movies Movies

Just Some Thoughts and America Proved Me Wrong--Thank you America for proving me wrong.

Come On Down To South Park--I made this image with a flash game that let you make yourself as a South Park character. I use it everywhere because I have not one image of myself in digital format.

R.I.P. D-A B-A-N-D

It's A Fair

Won't Someone Please Think Of The Children--Oh, our District didn't pass the referendum in the November election either.

Craziness of All Kinds

The Anti-Graduate--I love my sister...she just couldn't wait to get out of that school. Although, I think she misses it just a bit.

Shrek 2 is 2 Funny For Words

Sleep...A Love/Hate Relationship and Sleep...An Addendum--I can't blame it all on my Internet connection.

It’s Only The First And It Won’t Be The Last--And it wasn't.

For Once, Some Irish People That Aren’t Stereotypes

Three Times The Beat and More On Songs With The Same Beat

It’s A Lord of The Rings Kind of Weekend

Scary Movie 3 is Scary For The Wrong Reasons

Kids Today Are Bold, I Tell Ya--To this day, the little punk still remains at large.

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