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The Best Of Year Two: Part I (December 2004-May 2005)

With a little more than a month until my blog's second anniversary, I figured that it was time to start looking back at the best posts of the past year. The posts are listed chronologically for the most part and related posts are grouped together. I've also added some new thoughts about these posts. One of your favorite posts of mine missing from this list? E-mail me and I may add it.

December 2004

Spider-Man 2...Finally: Batman Begins is now the best superhero movie I've ever seen, but this one still isn't that bad.

The Holidays Should Be Fun...Not Creepy: This year's Old Navy campaign is not nearly as creepy.

Degrassi...The Realest Teen Show on TV: What's up with all the ellipses in my titles?

Comments On The 47th Annual Grammy Nominations: These types of posts are some of my favorite ones to write.

R&G (Not To Be Confused With G&R)

John Mayer Has A TV Show...And It's Actually Good!: Come on VH1! This would make a perfect CelebReality show!

The Church's Unseen Face: The sad thing is that I've barely been to church in the year since this post and I spend most of my Sundays now at work.

Christmas (Or Should I Say Holiday?) Musings

A Golden Birthday

Me And My Dad's Family: Even though I have a job now, I really don't see them that much anymore.

Holiday Movie Bonanza: I miss renting movies...

New Year's Resolutions: The only one I kept was the first (and most important) one.

January 2005

More Movies and A Couple More Movies

And Now Some Music...For A Change: Damn ellipses.

My Favorites Of 2004

Gotta Love The Interns: I can't wait until the interns take over the MTV digital channels again.

The Movies I've Seen Many Many Times: The third Harry Potter film can be added to that list.

ReBoot and Religion: Now that I think about it, Daemon Rising probably parodies Evangelicals more than Christians in general.

Always On Beat: It still works, I tell you.

Tha Carter...Coach Carter: I can't believe I made a Lil' Wayne reference in this title.

My Favorite Music Video Directors

Comments On American Idol 4th Season Premiere and Predictions For American Idol Season 4

A Legend In The Making

Comments on The 2005 Oscar Nominations

Push The Button! The Shiny Red Candylike Button!: This is a review of the Chemical Brothers album...not a Ren & Stimpy DVD.

Daft Punk Really Is Human After All: They can do so much better.

February 2005

The Things To Do For Black History Month Series: I don't know what I'll be doing for Black History Month 2006, but I doubt it will top this.

Day 1: Read A Slave Narrative
Day 2: Listen To Some Good Hip-Hop Music
Day 3: Visit A Museum Dealing With Black History
Day 4: Explore The Liberal/Conservative Debate From A Black Perspective
Day 5: Visit Some "Blackblogz"
Day 6: Visit A Black Church
Day 7: Watch A "Blaxploitation" Movie
Day 8: Read Some Black Speculative/Science Fiction
Day 9: Listen To Some Classic R&B/Soul Music
Day 10: Watch A Racially Insensitive Portrayal Of African-Americans
Day 11: Donate To A Charity That Helps African-Americans/Africans
Day 12: Take An African-American Studies/History Course
Day 13: Eat/Cook Some Soul Food
Day 14: Watch A Good Spike Lee Film
Day 15: Go To A Jazz/Blues Club
Day 16: See The Films That Feature This Year's Black Oscar Nominees/Winners
Day 17: Volunteer
Day 18: Watch Some Black Cartoons
Day 19: Read Some African-American Poetry
Day 20: Watch A Black Sketch Comedy/Variety Show
Day 21: Look For Black History Month Programs On TV
Day 22: Attend/Read An African-American Play
Day 23: Remember African-American Sports Pioneers
Day 24: Seek Out Good African-American Novels/Short Stories
Day 25: Read Nigger By Randall Kennedy
Day 26: Watch A "UPN Show"
Day 27: Read The Writings Of Malcolm X and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Day 28: Share What You Have Learned
Addendum: Remember Ossie Davis
Addendum: Animation's First Black Animator
Addendum: Lackawanna Blues
Addendum: Disney's Song of The South Is Headed To DVD!

The Magazine That Wouldn’t Go Away: I still get Complex even though I have never renewed it. I think it's probably the universe's way of making up for getting screwed over by The Source.

Super Bowl Sunday

The Government--Here To Help: I hope that the people I worked with while on General Assistance have been able to get steady jobs.

$1,000,000 Newborn: Titles like this aren't that clever in hindsight.

Comments On The 47th Annual Grammy Awards

NBA Basketball: The Best Way To Liven Up A Winter Night: I am itching to get to another Bulls game.

An All-Sick All-Star Weekend

My Predictions For The 77th Annual Academy Awards and 77th Annual Academy Awards SCORECARD and Comments On The 77th Annual Academy Awards Show

March 2005

Jamie Foxx Did Deserve That Oscar: In hindsight, part of me wishes that Don Cheadle had won it instead.

Lookback Music Review: Moment Of Truth by Gang Starr

Not-So-Pleasantly Plump Actress

All The Best Parts Are In The Trailer: Thank goodness I did not pay money to see Man Of The House.

Jake In Progress Is Definitely A Work In Progress: Will John Stamos's show be better when it returns next year? We shall see...

The American Idol Quitting Controversy: I don't think I've ever been so off the mark in my life. Wow. I can't believe I actually wrote this. I put it in this "Best Of" post as an example of a post I thought was good at the time but I now really hate.

TheAmerican Idol Quitting Controversy--NEW THEORY: That's better.

I Have A Job!

Spongebob, Sports, And Romance

Robots Isn't Clunky: No fart joke has topped this movie since.

Early Late Registration: My brief review of the leaked version of Kanye's album.

Sterfish Presents...10 Questions: The first (and last) time I attempt to do my version of Vibe's always fun column.

Attack Of The Huge Breakfast Sandwich: I have yet to try the Meatnormous Omelet Sandwich.

April 2005

The April Fools Blog 2005 and Guest Blogger Day Revealed: Great idea, but I wish I had prepared a little more.

Sin City Is Delightfully Sinful

Trailer Watching: Movie trailers, that is.

Local Voting: It's sad that my high school is a shadow of what it was.

I Fell For It...And How!: One of my fatal flaws is that I sometimes take everything at face value right away without stopping to think. Hence, it makes it really easy for me to fall (and fall hard) for pranks such as this.

Dreams: I can't remember if I've had any weird dreams since this post.

The Great Unconventional Comedies On Network TV: Of the three shows, one is likely cancelled, one is not coming back until midseason, and one is only still on the air because its star had a hit comedy over the summer.

The Older You Get...The Bigger The Vehicle?: For a while, my dad was obsessed with getting the Buick Terraza as his next vehicle.

Lost...Really Lost: Can you believe that I never found that remote and that I had to order another one from Panasonic?

Oh, The Things You Notice: The best kids cartoons always seem to have something for the adults too.

The Catholic School Days: Mary Of Nazareth Alumni! Where you at?

In The Mix: Mixmania, Sterfish. Sterfish, Mixmania. Jim, Sterfish. Sterfish, Jim.

"Discovering" What Isn't New: This review, under the title "RJD2's Deadringer Is Worth Discovering," would end up becoming my first post on Blog Critics over a month later.

All I Have To Say About American Idol Is...: Where is Scott Savol now?

May 2005

Mixmania CD Song List...With A Little More Detail and Mixmania Fun: The Other Mixes and The Mixmania CD: So much fun.

The Old Young Man: Comment that a fellow employee said to me recently: "I always think you're our age."

My Favorite Albums (Part 1 Of ?) and My Favorite Albums (Part 2 Of ?)
: I only did two parts. This became a little irrelevant because I would eventually do a list of 100 Great Albums.

My Favorite Blogs: As you can see by looking at my blogroll, this list has gotten a bit bigger.

The Fall Lineup Frenzy Series: I learned two things from these posts. First, I learned that it's difficult to figure out how good a show will be without seeing some of it. I also learned to be careful about generalizing shows based on the press releases as you will find out in a later post...

The WB
Midseason Edition Part I (NBC, ABC, and The WB)
Midseason Edition Part II (CBS, UPN, and FOX)

A Look Back At My Predictions For This Season Of American Idol

The R.: R. Kelly remains an enigma.

A Good Movie Revenge Of The Sith Was

Defending Electric Circus: Personally, I think this is one of the best reviews I've written.

Common's Be Is One Great Album

That's it for now. Look for The Best Of Year Two Part II on this blog's second anniversary in December.

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