Saturday, December 18, 2004

The Best of Year One Part II: June 2004-November 2004

Here's more of the best of my first year blogging:

June 2004

A Walk Down Memory Lane and A Return To A Hobby--I bet if I teamed up with an actual cartoonist, I could make a halfway decent strip. Watch out Stephen Pastis, Aaron McGruder, Darby Conley, and Scott Adams! ;-)

My TV Guilty Pleasures--I will add that Home Delivery has started to grow on me a little bit, even if it's just a standard daytime talk show without an audience.

End Of An Era--Even with all the crap she dealt with, I know my mom misses her job.

Yoko Kanno Fans Unite! and Standing Alone In The Complex--I may have to set aside some Christmas money to get those great Yoko Kanno soundtracks I love so much.

Third Times The Charm and Adaptation...The Process Not The Movie--I will admit that the ending actually sucked (kind of like how the first two movies had not so good endings), but I still like this movie a lot. It's very different from the book, but so what? Part of me wishes I got to see some of the scenes I really enjoyed in the book, but in terms of tone and realization of the world from the books, Cuaron got it pitch perfect.

You Gotta Love Family--I got a birthday card from my Aunt Helen (on my dad's father's side) for the first time recently. That section of my dad's family is a whole lot of fun.

Audio Post-Click To Play--My first and only Audioblogger post. Here's your chance to hear what I actually sound like. I have to exploit this more in the next year.

Paper Free House Among Other Things--The paper-free house didn't last. Dad got a "too-good-to-refuse" deal on getting the paper delivered.

Strange Day/Night

Surprisingly, North Shore Doesn’t Take Place in Chicago

Fun Times at NIU Freshman Orientation--I don't know why NIU is so paranoid about street addresses. It took us weeks to get my sister's actual street address to her dorm.

Just A Bad Picture--Does anyone miss On Air with Ryan Seacrest? I sure as hell don't.

More About Black Culture in Commercials

Rock Lyrics Can Be Quite Surprising

Semi-New Story--I bet that most people who read this story will hate it...I mean really hate it. Call me pessimistic, but they will hate it. I wrote it to try writing something dark for the first time. I may try another (very different dark story) in the future.

Bubba Bo Bob Ho-Tep--How many people remember the Animaniacs episode I made reference to in the title? Anybody?

Jesus Walks Double Time--I finally saw some of the third version recently. It's funny. I mean...Jesus just walks with Kanye West doing regular stuff.

Elephant--When I saw the Degrassi episode where a student got shot, it reminded me a bit of Elephant.

50 Funny Moments--If Spanglish is good, I'd say Adam Sandler may actually be on a roll in making some good movies.

Fahrenheit 9/11--In the end, this movie probably made as many people vote for Bush as it did vote against him. I like Michael Moore, but it says something when more people get excited over this movie than Kerry.

They're Gathering Ammo To Raise Rates--This post showed me how even my little blog could get some attention. A woman from Cableworld Magazine e-mailed me about this post. Oh, and Comcast announced recently that they are raising rates in some parts of the Chicago area. No word yet if my particular area is included.

July 2004

Comments On The 2004 BET Awards

The More We Talk About The Blog

Regarding Bill Cosby’s Comments About The Black Community--I might have been a bit too hard on Bill Cosby. However, the old saying goes that you attract more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Only With Dad

Barbershop 2: In It For The Money

The Past Few Days Part I: Family Visit (Long Post Ahead) and The Past Few Days Part II: Everything Else

Silly Comcast--At the moment, TVG is still on our system (even if we can't watch it) and G4TechTV still takes up two channel spots.

My Creative Writing Blog Is Open!--...and I've barely posted on it. One of my New Year's resolutions is to give my creative writing blog more attention.

Comments On The Emmy Nominations

If It Was J-Kwon, Would It Be Called The Tipsy Point?--Two comments: First, my sister hated on this title for days. Second, I bet The Roots would be spinning in their graves (if they were dead) if they knew I made fun of their album title so badly.

I, (Think Therefore I Am) Robot--I have yet to see this again on DVD, so maybe I'll feel differently about it once I do.

Why Our Family Dislikes ComEd--Knock on wood...things have been good for a while.

The Democrats Convened

Weekend O' Parodies...Last Weekend--I still can't believe that Codename: Kids Next Door did the first parody of The Animatrix and that it was as good as it was.

August 2004

28 Years Is Quite A Long Time

Movie Marathon

Catching Up: This Time, She’s The One In College--My sister recently finished her first semester at NIU, so hopefully she did well in her classes.

Comments On The Olympics Thus Far--I'm finding that I use "comments" in the title of too many posts.

Life Without Monie

Wedding Of The Century--I hope another relative doesn't pull something like this on us.

September 2004

A Wide Variety Of Filmmaking--Collateral is out on DVD now. See it!

Some Brief Thoughts On The 2004 MTV Video Music Awards--At least "comments" isn't in the title, for once.

Wedding Of The Century Addendum and Speak Of The Devil... and What Needed To Be Said--The prequel(s) to The Jackson, MS Chronicles

Random Observations--Maybe my half-joking rants about the way blacks are portrayed in commercials are getting somewhere. There have been some nice, clever commercials with black people in them recently (like the Verizon commercial where the mother switches the name tag on a gift). The Jaguar holiday commercial is cute too. Go marketers!

Recent CD Purchases--Only on this blog would Mobb Deep and Mouse on Mars be mentioned in the same post.

TV Things--Poor Method & Red and Father of The Pride. They weren't that bad.

The Zip Code Dilemma--Things have gotten better since this post. I can put our ZIP code in now without too many problems.

The Jackson, MS Chronicles
Part I: From Chicago To Jackson
Part II: The First Night
Part III: The Wedding That Almost Wasn't
Part IV: After The Wedding
Part V: From Jackson To Chicago
Part VI: The Aftermath
I think that these are the best posts I've written so far.

If Any Family Needed A TiVo--...and we still do.

The Passion Of The Christ Has Been Watched--0-for-2 on The Passion Of The Christ-related post titles.

Remarkably, Not All Girls From Jersey Are Mean

This Is Some Bull!--And my window still isn't fixed.

October 2004

Sterfish's Very Simple Presidential Debate Analysis--It is as it sounds.

A Milestone For More Than One Reason

A "Lost" Michael Jackson Video--A music video, for clarification.

Emotions Run The Gamut

The Movie Formerly Titled Sharkslayer--I guess they all can't be Shrek.

Next Stop, Palookaville

I Know What I Said But...--It takes a lot to go back on a promise to not blog for a while, but getting your house vandalized for the second time in less in a month would do it.

My Jury Duty Is Over!--Part I and Jury Duty--Part II--I'll never look at a trial the same way again.

So Many Movies

November 2004

P. Diddy Won't Be Coming After Me

The Incredibles Is Worthy Of Its Name--Arguably the best animated film of 2004.

TV Thoughts Thus Far

Two Silly Movies

R.I.P. O.D.B.

The Portable CD Player Killer--And you know what? My sister's portable CD player just died. Her first one.

A Night That Will Go Down In Sports History...For All The Wrong Reasons

Brief Thoughts on The Nintendo DS--"Thoughts" has replaced "comments" as my overused word of the moment.

A Decidedly Different Thanksgiving

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