Monday, May 31, 2004

More On Songs With The Same Beat

In an earlier post, I talked about the fact that three songs currently out now all have the same beat. Well, here’s some updates on that:

-I found out one of the three songs, the one I thought had Lil’ Jon on it, is by an artist named Pitbull. In addition, it really does have Lil’ Jon on it. He may have produced the song, but I’m not certain. If he did, then I’d lose a little respect for him. His songs may sound similar at times, but they don’t sound like anyone else’s.

-There’s another case of songs with the same beat that I forgot to mention. There are two songs other songs out there that have basically the exact same beat. They are “Dude (The Remix)” by Beenie Man featuring Shawnna and Ms. Thing and “Vitamin S” by Baby Cham. The Beenie Man song is by far the more popular one, as it’s played frequently on the radio (and I see the video a good amount). To date, I’ve only heard “Vitamin S” on the Music Choice channels on our digital cable.

-One thing I am wondering about in regards to these songs having the same beat is this...why are most of them dancehall/reggae songs? It’s not uncommon for songs to have the same beat, especially in hip-hop where it has always been common practice to sample. Many songs have used the beat from Rick James’s classic song “Mary Jane” as the backing to their anthems to marijuana. However, it’s really unusual for multiple songs to have the same beat at the same time. And I would really like to know why this phenomenon seems to be exclusive to the dancehall/reggae genres. Elephant Man, Beenie Man, Pitbull, Baby Sham, and Wayne Wonder are all dancehall/reggae artists whose songs share someone else’s beats. I almost wish that I owned the albums by these artists so I could find out, once and for all, who really created the beats they use.

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  1. Anonymous7:59 PM

    those beats, like that one in the beenie man song, are created just for that purpose - for artists to use them and see what they can do with them. i have no idea who made it, but the beats have names - that one is the fiesta riddim. there's also more like coolie dance riddim, liquid riddim, etc..