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The Best Of Year Two: Part II (June 2005-November 2005)

Today is the second anniversary of my blog and to celebrate, I now bring you Part II of The Best Of Year Two. Check out Part I if you haven't already.

June 2005

Demon Days Is A Dark, Pleasant Surprise

The End Of My Time On General Assistance

Stand Alone Complex OST+ Is Another Very Good Kanno Soundtack: Okay, so I'm a Yoko Kanno fan. It's not like I've reviewed every domestically released CD she's done...I don't own the Cowboy Bebop CD-Box.

It's Hot In Here: Notice that I did not attempt to make a lame Nelly reference.

Dancing With The Stars Is More Fun Than It Should Be

You Never Know Who Is Reading Your Blog: I recently read that Sons & Daughters is in production, so I hope it's going well.

The Michael Jackson Verdict

Kanye West's New Video Is A Slight Disappointment: Now, the video for "Gold Digger"? That was a real disappointment.

Batman Begins Is A Great Reboot: I can't wait for the sequel.

A Guide To The Best Of Animated Batman

Pretty Ricky's Music Isn't All That Pretty: This review, which is also posted on Blog Critics, has received hundreds of comments on that site and resulted in one crazy ass Pretty Ricky fan making vicious comments and calling me ugly. Frankly, it could've been worse.

The Degrassi "Not Quite" Every Episode Ever Marathon: As far as I know, "Accidents Will Happen" still has never aired on The N in its entirety.

Thoughts On The 2005 BET Awards

All Or Nothing At All: Given the sales of this album, apparently it's nothing at all.

RJD2’s Since We Last Spoke Is No Deadringer

July 2005

Summer Mixmania! Song List and Summer Mixmania! Bonus

Advance Review: The Cookbook by Missy Elliott: I admit that I like this album a little less than when I wrote this review, but it's still enjoyable.

Water Woes

CD Review: The Understanding by Röyksopp

You Gotta Love Family / Why I Hate My Transportation Options: Times like this, I hate my "accommodate everyone" personality.

Spielberg’s War Of The Worlds

The Reverse Crossover: I bet money that if the beat to "Hollaback Girl" started playing at a club right now, people would get excited.

The Shoe Cleaner Incident: Looking back on that incident now, I dislike what that guy did for one reason. It makes it seem like black people like to automatically call out racism when white people don't do what they would like. I'm not going to call a white person who cuts me off in traffic a racist...I'm gonna call him an asshole.

The Rock Reviews: These are scattered across the span of a few months, but I am linking all of them here.
Get Behind Me Satan by The White Stripes
Now Here Is Nowhere by Secret Machines
Guero by Beck
X & Y by Coldplay

TP.3 Disappointed: Will R. Kelly ever make good music that isn't serial again?

My Favorite 100 Albums (1985-2005): There are probably a few albums I'd add to this list now and maybe some I'd remove.

Thoughts On The 2005 Emmy Nominations: An interesting fact: A One Tree Hill fansite linked to the Blog Critics version of this post because I mentioned that the show was Emmy-worthy.

Review: Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Oh, The Places The People You Know Go: NU, where ya at?

So They Think Lightning Can Strike Twice?

Review: MeruPuri by Matsuri Hino: If you like shoujo manga, you should be reading this title.

Some Things Are Better Left Unseen: If you like anime, you should avoid Dead Leaves like avian flu.

Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex OST 3 Is Another Solid Kanno Soundtrack: Look for this to get a brand new review if/when it is released in the States.

The End Of An Era On 106 & Park: For me, this show went from appointment viewing to "maybe I'll catch it to see a New Joint."

B5's Album Shows Their Potential: The Blog Critics version of this review, like the Pretty Ricky review, has hundreds of comments. Overall, the B5 fans seem to be a little nicer than those crazy Pretty Ricky fans.

August 2005

29 Years And Counting...: In about eight months, it will be my parents' 30th wedding anniversary.

Anime Series Review: Azumanga Daioh: Man, I miss buying anime.

Create Your Own Comic Strip: Maybe sometime in the future, I'll scan in the comic strips I used to (and sometimes still do) draw.

Two Very Different Movies...One View Of Romance: Only I would think of some way to review Hitch and Garden State together.

Barbershop Is A Waste Of Time, Talent: The series, not the movie.

Kanno’s Song To Fly Is Beautiful, Unusual: Wonderful, wonderful album.

Music Video Review: "My Doorbell" by The White Stripes: Dammit...this song is stuck in my head now.

The Life Things Series
Family Visit
Back To School

A Lucky Set Of Circumstances

The New TV Show Review Challenge: It was an admirable idea that was thwarted by networks bombarding viewers with premieres in a relatively short time. What about those of us who love TV? What are we to do? There is only so much that a TiVo and several VCRs can record. Even though the posts are spread across a couple of months, I'm going to list all of them here.
My Mission, Should I Choose To Accept It...
Prison Break
The War At Home
Everybody Hates Chris
Head Cases
The Apprentice: Martha Stewart
Kitchen Confidential
The New TV Show Review Challenge Is Over

Thoughts On The 2005 MTV Video Music Awards: The BET Awards has surpassed these awards in every way.

September 2005

A Spectacular Missed Opportunity: Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

Review: G4's Barbed Wire Biscuit

A Tale Of Two Telethons: These two telethons should not have aired on the same day.

A New Look At Stand Alone Complex O. S. T. 2

My Driving Mixmania Song List and The Driving Mixmania Surprise: There is no way in hell I'm ever gonna top that surprise.

A Late Look At Late Registration

When Cultures Collide...

Corpse Bride Is A Nice Little Film

October 2005

Blog Tag

Paul Wall Is A Likable Champ

Rock...Skate! Rolll...Bounce!: Despite the fact that Nick Cannon is all over the DVD box, don't expect to see much of him in the movie.

Meat On Top Of Meat On Top Of...Meat: Never tried the Meatnormous.

From Trois To The Gospel

Who Would Stalk The Night?

Thunder! Lightning! Strike! Go!: If you need a pick me up, get The Go Team's album.

I Have A Digital Camera

Wanting Someone Free Is A Bad Thing?: With Pimp C's pending parole, maybe they'll remove the blur/block of "free" in "They Don't Know."

The Yoko Kanno Reviews: I decided to just group all the reviews of Yoko Kanno albums under one banner. This series is going to continue into 2006, but here are all the reviews that fit the timeline of this post.
Sousei no Aquarion OST I (with Hisaaki Hogari)
Wolf's Rain OST I
Be Human

Book Review: Degrassi Generations by Kathryn Ellis

A Picture Of Me: Your first (and possibly only) peek at what I look like.

Twista Brings A Disappointing Day After

Rosa Parks

The Chicago White Sox: World Series Champions!

Animaniac-ally Happy

MTV News: 50 Cent Warns Dr. Dre About Working On Game LP: Isn't it interesting that the link I put to MTV News no longer mentions what 50 Cent said? Does it have anything to do with all the money MTV has invested in 50 Cent/G-Unit including his movie Get Rich Or Die Tryin' and his book From Pieces To Weight?

The Plastic Bag And Credit Card Mystery: I'm still puzzled by this.

CD Review: The Trinity by Sean Paul

November 2005

Boards Of Canada Take A Look Back With Campfire Headphase: This review was an editor's pick at Blog Critics. Read for yourself and see if you think it's any good.

Danger Doom Has Fun On The Mouse And The Mask

TV Review: South Of Nowhere: My sister can't stand this show.

Book Review: Make It Happen: The Hip Hop Generation Guide To Success

Flo'Ology Is Worth "Studying"

Remembering Biker Mice From Mars: Animaniacs, Pinky & The Brain, Batman Beyond, Goof Troop, and Quack Pack are all getting DVD releases. Why not the original Biker Mice From Mars?

Holidays Schmolidays

A Great (But Nutty) Thanksgiving

The Not-So-Horrific "Black Friday": year's "black Friday" will be insane.

Movie Review: Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

The Sterfish Christmas/Birthday List 2005

That's all for Year Two. Now, let Year Three begin!

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