Friday, December 10, 2004

John Mayer Has A TV Show...And It's Actually Good!

I can't call myself a fan of John Mayer. I like exactly two songs by him, "Bigger Than My Body" and "Clarity." I did, however, enjoy his brief appearance on Chappelle's Show last season. So, I had no idea that he had a show like John Mayer Has A TV Show in him. It premiered on VH1 on Thursday and it's a combination of a talk show and a comedic reality show. It was really funny. He poked fun at himself and his fans. I cracked up when he harrassed his fans while dressed up as a bear. He said purposely mispronounced his own name and claimed that "Your Body Is A Wonderland" was written for a guy. Then, there's the fan focus group in which he tells a group of fans that Richard Marx wrote his songs and the collaboration between him and Trick Daddy on a country-acoustic version of Trick Daddy's song "Let's Go" in an actual country bar. He even made an In-Store Appearance funny, as he signed "burned copies of Usher's Confessions CD."

I haven't laughed this much at a musician trying to be funny since Snoop Dogg's MTV series Doggy Fizzle Televizzle (which was criminally underrated). My sister compared John Mayer to Seth Cohen, the character from The O.C. and it's not entirely a unlikely comparison. I hope he can keep this up for future episodes, as this show could easily become a cult hit. Maybe now, guys won't hate on him as much.

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