Friday, May 20, 2005

A Look Back At My Predictions For This Season Of American Idol

Way back in January, I made a few predictions about what would happen in Season 4 of American Idol. Now, with the season finale coming up on Wednesday, I'm going to take a look back and see if any of my predictions came true.

EDIT: Oops, I forgot one. It's here now.

-There will be at least one controversy regarding the way the voting went for a contestant.

Well, I guess it's kind of a gray area whether or not that prediction really came true. This season did produce a revote because of a mistake in what number was shown for some of the contestants. However, we haven't seen the "I couldn't get through this show must be rigged" controversies of past Idols. So, to be fair, I'll say that this predicition didn't really come true.

-There will be at least one contestant who will coast their way through the show solely based on looks.

I'm happy to say that I'm wrong this year. Constantine may have been a heartthrob for some girls but he did have some talent. I don't think a person in the entire United States Of America voted for Scott Savol based on his looks. This prediction didn't come true.

-There will be at least one black female and one black male in the top 10.

Vonzell, Anwar, Nikko, Nadia...That predictioin came true.

-There will be at least one very good white contestant in the top 10.

I don't know about you, but I consider Bo to be a very good white contestant. I might almost even consider Carrie to be a very good white contestant. Hence, this prediction came true.

-Someone will complain that the Wildcard pick has been eliminated.

That didn't happen. In fact, when Mario withdrew, Nikko Smith, the guy who probably would've been a Wildcard pick, was put in. There was no need to complain. This prediction didn't come true.

-A contestant will have a sordid past of some kind.

People have skeletons (and The Smoking Gun has snoops) so this was a no-brainer. Scott once hit his girlfriend and Bo had issues with drugs at one point. I'm glad that they told FOX ahead of time...and that FOX realized that America can accept a person who has made a mistake in their life. This predicition came true.

-The next American Idol won't be black.

Right on the money. The final two this year is the first one to be devoid of any color. I honestly think that the company behind American Idol did not want an African-American to win this year. I don't think they desired this because they are racist but because they are having a heck of a time marketing the black American Idols they have. Ruben and Fantasia have been marketed poorly and haven't done as well as Kelly Clarkson or Clay Aiken. It would be easier for all involved if they had a marketable, white, pop-friendly American Idol. Country music does pretty well so Carrie works and Bo has a voice that would sound at home in a variety of genres. This prediction definitely came true.

That's it for the real predictions. I made some "almost predictions" that included the next American Idol being a guy (with Bo in the running, it's very likely) and a contestant being older than 25 (how old is Bo?). I'm looking forward to American Idol's last two episodes, but it's EVIL that Lost and American Idol's season finales are coming on at the same time. EVIL.

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