Thursday, April 28, 2005

All I Have To Say About American Idol Is...

...every year there is a contestant that stays on the show despite week after week of subpar performances. The contestant is bad enough that you wonder if the show is rigged or if America is really that tone deaf. The contestant takes away the chance of a better contestant to become famous even as they themselves will disappear into the mist once the show is over. Season 1 had Nikki McKibbin. I didn't see Season 2 so I don't know who it was then. Season 3 had John Stevens. And now Season 4 has...

Scott Savol.

How many more talented performers will Scott destroy in his wake? He's already taken Jessica Sierra, the rejuvenated Nikko Smith, Anwar Robinson, and now Constantine. Is Anthony Federov next? Vonzell Solomon? Carrie Underwood?!

America, please remember to dial and text message carefully. Even the slightest mistake could make Scott get a vote he doesn't deserve. Scott Savol could be your American Idol if you're not careful...and no one wants that.

Yes, Scott seems like a nice, regular guy. He admitted his mistakes to the producers from the get go and wants to be a better person. That is commendable. But ask yourself this question...would you want him singing at your wedding?

The producers of American Idol love controversy (as long as it doesn't involve sex with contestants). Make the American Idol producers sad and make America happy by not voting for Scott Savol. Only you can keep Scott from potentially killing the career of another promising young singer.


  1. But Scott's voice is great, the consistency!! I may be tone deaf, but I know what good music sounds like!

  2. I agree with you: Scott is taking advantage, but not fur the good reasons. I don't think he is a good singer, but BUT, I beleive that there are many people out there like him that support his role in Idol.
    Things can only get worst for AI.
    If Scott wins it will not be because of his voice, it will be becasue of the mercy vote for the 'average Joe'.