Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sterfish Presents...10 Questions

  1. Does Missy realize that her constant yelling on other people's records is annoying as hell?

  2. And if she doesn't, why doesn't someone tell her to shut the hell up?

  3. How wrong is it that Popeyes Chicken got Bruce Bruce to peddle their new Blackened Naked Chicken Strips?

  4. Even with more calories than a Whopper, doesn't Burger King's new Enormous Omelet Sandwich look delicious?

  5. With John Mayer being sampled by Kanye for Common's new album and appearing on Kanye's new album, will he become the new guilty pleasure for hip-hop fans?

  6. And speaking of Kanye West and John Mayer, is a mash-up album not too far away?

  7. Doesn't the current season of Making The Band suck?

  8. But doesn't Puffy's next MTV reality show, Run's House, about the life of Reverend Run of Run DMC sound really interesting?

  9. Isn't "Mr. Incredible and Pals" and its audio commentary by Mr. Incredible and Frozone worth the price of The Incredibles DVD alone?

  10. Am I really copying off Vibe if I have half the number of questions they do?

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