Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I Have A Job!

Sports Authority officially hired me for a position! The position is customer service and I'll be working in the Team Sports area (but I may be put in other areas as needed). It's part-time (no clue about number of hours yet), and the shift should be in the daytime, which is what I wanted. They sent me to a clinic in Indiana to get a drug test (which I took) and once the results come back, I should be contacted about going in for orientation and training. I don't know what this job means for my General Assistance (and Workfare) in the short-term, but working for money takes precedence over working in a food pantry for no money.

Even though I have this job, I will follow up with Borders if they call me. Borders could offer me more money or a better schedule. In the meantime, I am not taking this new position for granted. It's been a long time since I had a real, 9-to-5 type job, and I'm itching to start working and start making money.

On a sadder note, I found out that one of my former bosses, Gigi, has cancer. She's the second boss I had at SOFO and probably the nicest boss anyone could ever have. I don't think Gigi has a mean bone in her body. I am definitely praying for her and her family as she goes through the treatment process.

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