Saturday, April 02, 2005

Guest Blogger Day Revealed

So, what did you think of the guest bloggers? Weird? Interesting? Boring? Infuriating? Well, guess what? Guest Blogger Day was really the...April Fools Blog for 2005!

Every single post was written by me.

I wanted to do something different and more subtle than last year's April Fools Blog. The idea behind Guest Blogger Day was to poke a little fun at blogger stereotypes. Here is what each "guest blogger" breaks down to:

#1 LCTresdon: Beginner/Non-Bloggers
#2 CatLuvar2010: Pet Bloggers
#3 TheMamaLeaderWomanLover: Mommy/Daddy Bloggers
#4 PageTurnerDeluxe: Bloggers Who Update Very Rarely
#5 Nutcase4America: Political Bloggers, More Specificially Right-Wing Conservative Political Bloggers
#6 MegaKawaiiAniGirl: Teenage/Anime/Yaoi/Fangirl Bloggers

I originally planned to do more including a Leftist Political Blogger, "Humorous" Blogger, Author Blogger, Celebrity Blogger, and if I was really bold a GLBT Blogger. Also, I almost asked my friends and my sister to contribute something which, unbeknownst to them, would have been mixed in with the fake posts. The only reason I didn't go further was because I have been pretty tired with early appointments most of this week.

The idea for this came out of two things. First,it came about because of all the various types of blogs I encountered while surfing Blog Explosion, Blogazoo, and Blog Clicker. The variety of subjects bloggers covered intrigued me to the point that I wanted to parody them. The other thing that influenced this was an idea I had to possibly create a fictional blog. This blog would be updated like any other blog, and there would be no overt clues that the blogger didn't really exist. Alas, with this blog and Everyday Author, my creative writing blog, I don't really have time for something so extensive.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this year's April Fools Blog. Just like last year's blog, this year's blog will be archived on my Geocities site and will be available from the Archives drop down menu soon. Feel free to comment on the April Fools posts (they're still viewable on the main page) with your thoughts on this year's attempts.

This blog is back to its usual personal diary/pop culture self. My sister and I plan to see Sin City at an early show Saturday afternoon, so look for my review very soon.

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