Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Attack Of The Huge Breakfast Sandwich

How's this for contrast? I had to be at Sports Authority at 6:00 a.m. this morning for online training, so I ate a big bowl of oatmeal for breakfast at 4:30 in the morning. When I got out of Sports Authority at about 9:00, my dad and I stopped by Burger King where I got that new Enormous Omelet Sandwich. Oatmeal and a breakfast sandwich with more calories than a Whopper within hours of each other. Wow.

Is that sandwich as big as they say it is? YES. It shares its wrapper with Burger King's Original Chicken Sandwich, if that's any indication. This isn't a sandwich you eat if you aren't that hungry. Normally, breakfast sandwiches are smaller than the normal sandwiches sold during lunch and dinner time. This sandwich is on par with a lunch or dinner sandwich. I think what makes it more filling is the double egg. Anyone who has had a Double Croissan'wich knows about the deliciousness of double meat. However, that sandwich still only has one egg. The Enormous Omelet Sandwich has egg surrounding the sausage on both the top and the bottom with bacon on top of the egg. The bun is no croisssant, but it's softer than you'd expect. All in all, it's a very filling breakfast sandwich.

It's funny, with all the controversy over the Enormous Omelet Sandwich, people forget that that's not the hugest new sandwich on Burger King's menu. The Burger King I went to now has The Ultimate Double Whopper. It's a Double Whopper with (what looked like) bacon and cheese. The Double Whopper is the Holy Grail for me. To this day, I've never ordered or eaten a Double Whopper. I've had a Double Quarter Pounder before, but even if the amount of beef in the two sandwiches is the same, there is no comparison. Burger King's burgers have always been more filling than any of McDonalds' offerings. If I ever finish a Double Whopper and still have room for fries then I know one of two things would have happened. Either I was extremely hungry or I suddenly officially became obese.

In the end, though, I wonder if Burger King will bring out variations on that Omelet Sandwich. Will be we see an Enormous Omelet Sandwich with ham and bacon instead of sausage and bacon? What about one with steak instead of sausage? Also, will they ever top this breakfast sandwich? I've always wondered why no one has ever come out with a breakfast sandwich with a quarter-pound of sausage, similar to the Quarter Pounder or the Whopper. Could you imagine that? A quarter-pound sausge patty with an egg and a slice of cheese on a bun? I better watch out...Burger King could steal my idea.

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