Monday, February 28, 2005

Comments On The 77th Annual Academy Awards Show

Here are my comments on the Oscar ceremony:

-Chris Rock did a good job as host. His opening monologue was very good and true to his word, he did tone down the humor. It wasn't nearly as raunchy as his stand-up and it was tamer than his MTV Video Music Awards stuff. My favorite line of the entire night: "Now, comedy superstar Jeremy Irons!"

-I enjoyed Chris Rock's skit at the Magic Johnson Theatres. I have seen some people question whether or not it was unscripted. If you went to my local theater, I bet money you would see a similar response.

-The changes they made to the show turned out good in execution. The one thing that my family noted as we watched the show is that by presenting an award in the audience, it made it seem like that the nominees in those categories were second-class and didn't "deserve" to receive their award onstage.

-They worked the hell out of Beyonce...and she lived up to the challenge. She sang in French (!) then proceeded to sing a Broadway-style song and do a duet with Josh Groban of his song, "Believe." Since Groban did that song alone initially, I wonder if he minded that Beyonce was singing with him on the ceremony.

-You gotta love reaction shots. My favorites were Leonardo DiCaprio's utter disappointment in Jamie Foxx winning Best Actor and Matthew Knowles (Beyonce's father) looking quite shocked when he realized the type of joke Chris Rock made about his daughter (saying how she didn't do a Janet Jackson).

-Was anyone else scared of Vin Diesel's hair in his upcoming film Find Me Guilty directed by Lifetime Achievement winner Sidney Lumet?

-Aren't you glad that they got rid of those Best Picture nominee spotlights they always used to do? I think getting rid of those alone cut 20 minutes from the show.

-I guess it doesn't make sense to make up new material for both the Independent Spirit and Academy Awards. Robin Williams used that botox/nipples joke at the Independent Spirit awards the night before.

-The one thing I liked about the set was that screen set in the floor. Very cool.

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