Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Lost...Really Lost

Have you ever lost something so completely that you just don't know where to look next? Most of the time, stuff I have isn't really lost as it is hidden beneath the piles of stuff in my room. However, for some reason, I think I have truly lost something. I am almost at a loss for words at how I can't find it. What is it that I lost? My VCR remote.

Like most people, I routinely seem to temporarily lose at least one of my remotes. That's not too hard to do since I hae a grand total of four of them. The one that doesn't stay lost long is my cable remote. I use that one constantly, especially since I programmed it to work the TV as well. My DVD remote is probably the easiest to lose because it's the smallest. My TV remote really doesn't get lost these days because I rarely use it. Yet, in all the times I've lost remotes, I can't remember being as frustrated about losing it as I am with my VCR remote.

The remote goes with the VCR I just got this past December. It should be easy to find for one simple reason: it's the only remote that isn't completely black. My other three remotes are all black except for the buttons. The remote to my VCR is two tone. It's gray on the top and black under the bottom. This remote shouldn't be as lost as it apparently is. I don't use that remote often, since I mostly use the VCR to record shows. It normally sits with my DVD and TV remotes on my desk. However, ever since my mom did her unsolicited cleaning of my room a few days back, I have yet to see this remote anywhere.

I've tried looking for it on three separate occasions to no avail. One of the things I dislike about my room are its "nooks and crannies." Stuff can hide under or behind most of my furniture, within piles of clothing, or underneath other stuff. Usually, though, there are places that things usually end up. The biggest place is under my bed. Ninety percent of the time, something I misplace ends up under there. However, this time, my remote was nowhere to be seen. It wasn't on or behind my desk. It wasn't on, under, or behind my dresser. It wasn't on, under, or behind my TV stand. It wasn't under my night stand. It wasn't under my bed (and I quadruple-checked thatone). It wasn't in a random drawer, or on the floor near my bed or a piece of furniture. It wasn't under the door of my closet or behind my bedroom door. I checked just about every place I could for that remote. I ransacked my room on each of the three times within the past few days that I tried. In the last attempt, I pulled everything from under my bed. Nothing.

Maybe I'll find my remote sometime in the future, but it doesn't look likely. The remote has to be in my room because I'm the only one who uses my VCR. I never take that remote out of the room. My sister and I have the same brand VCR, but she has never needed to borrow my remote (I had to borrow hers to reset the time after the plug got knocked out). Because of the large amount of stuff in our house (especially our basement), if something isn't in the room where it should be, it might be lost for almost eternity. I'm hoping that one day, when I'm looking for something else, I come across my remote. When I was searching for a book in our basement, I came across several things of mine that I hadn't seen in months, even years. I found the only H.S. yearbook I didn't have in my room, videotapes I wanted to keep, and books of mine I didn't know were in the places I found them.

Needless to say that if/when I find my remote, I think I will have to invest in some type of locator system. My bedroom is the smallest in the house. Nothing should get so lost in here that I can't find it. After this incident, though, I might need some help from technology to insure that my stuff can't get that lost again.

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  1. How you just gonna borrow my remote without asking? You wrong, Sterling. You wrong. :shakes head: Wrong.