Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Things To Do For Black History Month Addendum: Animation's First Black Animator And A Request

Before I post the next real entry in the Things To Do For Black History Month series, I have some things of note:

First up, is an article I found online months ago but I bookmarked specifically to post during Black History Month. It doesn't fit in with my series of posts, but I really want to tell people about it. It's an article about Frank Braxton, the first black animator. As an animation fan, it was immensely interesting to find out about the life of this little-known icon. If you love animation or classic cartoons, you should definitely check out this article written by Floyd Norman for

Also, while I have mapped out my next few entries in the Things To Do For Black History Month series, I'm starting to run out of ideas. I already know what my final post will be, but I am kind of stuck for the topics for days 23-27. So, I am asking for suggestions. You can e-mail me your suggestions for topics. If I use your topic, I will give you credit and link to your blog or website in the post. If I don't get any suggestions, then I'll just have to wrack my brain some more.

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