Sunday, December 26, 2004

A Golden Birthday

I mentioned in some earlier posts that I turned 24 on the 24th. I found out that when that happens it's called your "Golden Birthday." Well, my Golden Birthday was not too bad. I didn't have a party or anything like that. Most of the day, I just sat around and relaxed. In fact, I was the last one to get cleaned up.

For my birthday dinner we had some KFC. My mom made me a yellow box cake with chocolate frosting. She didn't have any icing to write on the cake with, so she used a knife and spread "Happy B Day Sterling" out in the frosting on the top of the cake. We didn't have any birthday candles around so Mom, Dad, and Samone sang Happy Birthday to me in the dark. Mom decorated the exit/entrance to the living room from the kitchen with garland and some lights, so the kitchen wasn't completely dark. When I would normally blow out my candles, I took a flashing angel music box and turned it off right when I made my wish. Yes...all of us make do with what we have.

After that, I opened my presents. I had already gotten birthday presents from Grandmother Ella and my Uncle Arthur...I got money from the two of them. Samone got me a copy of Shrek 2 on DVD. My parents got me something I needed...a new VCR. A couple of weeks ago, my other VCR stopped working. A tape had gotten stuck in it and I had to force it out. This messed up the video heads and it wouldn't play anything anymore.

A little later that night, my Aunt Barbara and Uncle Bayne stopped by. They gave me some money for my birthday/Christmas. Dad, Uncle Bayne, and I watched a movie while my mom and Aunt Barbara talked in the kitchen. The two of them also resurrected a pair of extremely torn sleep pants with a combination of Stitch Witchery and some actual sewing.

They stayed pretty late. We gave them their Christmas present then they left. Dad went right to sleep. Mom continued cooking. She made quite a lot for Christmas dinner. I went online for a bit before going to sleep.

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