Friday, October 28, 2005

MTV News: 50 Cent Warns Dr. Dre About Working On Game LP

From The Article:

"If I'm not messing with him, how is Dre going to mess with him?" 50 recently asked on-air personality Tim Westwood during a BBC Radio interview in Europe. "Then that means me and Dre got beef. I think everybody sees my pattern."

50 then reminded Westwood about the origins of his beef with Jadakiss and Fat Joe: They made a record with his foe Ja Rule.

50 Cent is nothing if not consistent when it comes to what you have to do in order to have beef with him. The sad thing is that because 50 Cent and G Unit make Dr. Dre so much money, Dre will probably blink when it comes to this. He probably won't contribute a beat, but since The Game is still signed to his label, he will undoubtedly be an Executive Producer (in name only). However, this makes me directly does someone have to work with an "enemy" of 50 Cent to get onto 50's hit list? Is Mariah Carey an enemy of 50 Cent because she sang on a song with Jadakiss? Is Common technically on 50's list of enemies because he worked with Kanye West who had both Nas and The Game on his album Late Registration? Is Twista an enemy of 50 Cent because he's on Atlantic Records, the same label as 50's enemies Fat Joe and Lil' Kim? Is there anyone outside of G Unit that 50 technically has no beef with anymore?


  1. Anonymous8:33 AM

    what a jokaaaa

  2. Anonymous9:01 AM

    50 cent had a lot of beef with evry nigga he think he is only the real gangsta he should wake up or he get killed from any gangsta