Saturday, August 27, 2005

My Mission, Should I Choose To Accept It...

Well, I've decided that I'm going to try something that, for me, will be pretty big.

I'm going to try to watch at least the first episode of every new network TV series and review the shows on this blog.

That's right, beginning with Prison Break on FOX and continuing through all the new shows on the other major broadcast networks, I'm going to try to post reviews for all the new shows. This is going to be tricky because it will require a bunch of videotapes, VCR timers (no, I don't have a TiVo), and me watching stuff that, at least for now, I am not all that interested in.

Why am I doing this? I guess I'm doing it for a number of reasons. For one thing, I want to watch a lot of these new shows at least once, shows like Reunion, How I Met Your Mother, the previously mentioned Prison Break, Everybody Hates Chris, and My Name Is Earl among other shows. If I'm going to watch these shows, I might as well review them. Also, quite honestly, I want to get better at writing reviews. When I read some of the great reviews posted on Blog Critics, it makes me want to work harder on the ones I write. Practice makes perfect, right? The trickiest part of this will be seeing these shows. My family watches a ton of TV as it is, and my mom and I will probably resume recording certain shows for my sister while she's away at school.

So, please wish me luck and check back every so often for TV reviews when the season starts. Oh, and I swear I will clear up my backlog of posts soon.

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  1. :Irish accent: You've gone mad, Captain, something like that, well, it just can't be done by one mere man. :normal voice: I'm just kidding. Good luck with that 'cause I definitely won't be watching those crappy looking shows with Benjamin Bratt, Gabrielle Union, and Shemar Moore.