Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The New TV Show Review Challenge Is Over

Well, I've decided to give up on my attempt to check out every new show. I started out okay, but things proved to be too difficult. At times, there weren't enough VCR's to record everything. For example, I had to work last Thursday. With all the shows that all or some of us watch on Thursday (Will & Grace, The OC, Smallville, Everwood, UPN comedies), it meant that the premiere of The Night Stalker couldn't get recorded. Also, I accidentally recorded over almost all of Criminal Minds and a portion of Ghost Whisperer. I didn't even bother to watch the new CBS show Close To Home. Hell, I have episodes of Lost, Invasion, and Desperate Housewives to watch that I missed.

I will still try to review some new TV shows and expect short digest reviews of My Name Is Earl and Just Legal among others. Also, I've decided that these shorter reviews will be exclusive to this blog.

What this experience proves is that the networks should seriously consider staggering their premieres a bit more. If you like a lot of TV and you don't own a TiVo or multiple VCRs, you're screwed. Maybe the broadcast networks should consider using cable network-like schedules. However, one of the things I enjoyed about attempting this challenge was watching shows I wouldn't normally be all that interested in.

So, the Review Challenge is history but the reviews will keep coming. And who knows...maybe I'll try this again at midseason. A lot less than 30 shows will premiere then...

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