Saturday, July 23, 2005

Summer Mixmania! Bonus

On Friday, I resent my Mixmania mix to my match. Not only did I send this one via Priority Mail but I also got delivery confirmation with a tracking number. According to the person at the post office, it should get to the recipient by Monday. Now, about that bonus...

I decided to send, as compensation for the disc arriving late, two complementary personal mix CDs. I originally made these mix CDs only a week or two before I found out about the first Mixmania. In fact, some of the songs on these mixes appeared on my first Mixmania disc. I called the mixes complimentary because each mix contains a lot of the same artists and sometimes the same song in different versions. As an added bonus for my match, each mix has one additional song that isn't on my personal mixes.

Well, here are the song lists for these mixes, simply called Just A Mix 1 and Just A Mix 2.

Just A Mix 1

1. The Verve-"Bittersweet Symphony": Who doesn't know this song? It's definitely one of my favorites.

2. Unkle-"Garage Piano": This song is upbeat and a little gritty. The piano on this song (if that is piano) does sound like it sat in a garage for a loong time.

3. Akasha-"Interzone (Ian O'Brien Remix)": I've never heard of Akasha and this is the only song I have from him/her/them. The only reason I have it is because it's a remix by Ian O'Brien, an Acid Jazz artist. I first heard of him when he did a wonderful remix of a song from Cowboy Bebop. I have a few of his songs and remixes and I like this one.

4. (Artist Unknown)-"That's Enough" (from Jet Set Radio): The original Jet Set Radio (renamed Jet Grind Radio when it came to the U.S.) for Sega Dreamcast had, by far, the best video game soundtrack I've ever heard. It's full of hip-hop influenced poppy dance tracks and this one is one of my favorites.

5. Pitchshifter-"Genius (Luke Vibert Remix)": The same deal with Akasha is true of Pitchshifter. This is the only song I have by them and I only got it because an artist I like, Luke Vibert, remixed it. Vibert turned this song into a quirky combination of rock and dance.

6. J Ralph-"One Million Miles Away": Remember that Volkswagon commercial from a few years ago when a guy has to drive his Volkswagon in order to get to his wedding on time? Well, this is the music from that commercial.

7. Lamb-"Cotton Wool (Fila Brazilia Remix)": Lamb is a group that kind of reminds me of Portishead with the nice beats and ethereal vocals. This is a remix of one of their songs. I have a good amount of songs by Fila Brazilia and I especially enjoy their remixes.

8. Mirwais-"Definitive Beat": The title of this song says it all. It's a pulsing beat and that's about it. It's a good beat, though.

9. Nine Inch Nails-"The Perfect Drug (Jonah Sharp Remix)": This is a remix (or recreation as it's credited in my MP3) of one of my favorite Nine Inch Nails songs.

10. Radiohead-"Climbing Up The Walls (Fila Brazilia Remix)": There's Fila Brazilia, remixing again. This remix takes the dark and sort of depressing song and seriously smoothes it out.

11. Boa-"Duvet" (from Serial Experiments Lain): This is one of the bonus songs. This is the full-length version of the song that opened the exceedingly weird anime Serial Experiments Lain. However, don't think that this song is weird. On the contrary, it's a nice, soft adult-contemporary-esque song.

12. Luke Vibert-"I Hear The Drummer": A veteran of my first Mixmania disc, this is one of my favorite songs. It sounds like it should've come from a modern remake of a 1950s monster movie.

13. Unkle-"Twin Tower": Here's another Unkle song. This one is kind of long but the beat changes a few times. I love the last beat change towards the end.

14. Wagon Christ-"Musipal": Despite the name, this is Luke Vibert again. More quirky, fun dance.

15. Unkle featuring Ian Brown-"Be There": Sometimes, a song gets better when vocals are added. This is the case with this song. You see, the American version of Unkle's album Psyence Fiction has only the instrumental version of this song called "Unreal." The vocal version is actually better and has a creepy video to go along with it.

Just A Mix 2

1. Nine Inch Nails-"The Perfect Drug": One of my favorite Nine Inch Nails songs.

2. Radiohead-"Meeting In The Aisle": This is one of my all-time favorite Radiohead songs. I love this instrumental and I really really wish I bought the EP that this came from when it was still in print.

3. Lamb-"Five": This instrumental song has a wonderful beat that makes me wonder if it has ever appeared in commercials, movies, or TV.

4. Luke Vibert-Shimmering Haze: Another Vibert song. Not only that, but this song, is like a complement to "I Hear The Drummer" from the previous disc.

5. N.E.R.D.-"She Wants To Move (Basement Jaxx Remix)": Here's that other bonus song. This is Basement Jaxx's Grammy-nominated remix of one of my favorite N.E.R.D. songs from their album Fly Or Die.

6. Unkle featuring Thom Yorke-"Rabbit In Your Headlights (Underdog Remix)": This remix of one of my favorite Unkle songs speeds it up and adds a pounding drum beat.

7. Radiohead-"Climbing Up The Walls (Zero.7.Mix)": Same song, different remix, same result. This remix also smoothes out this originally creepy song.

8. Wagon Christ-"Receiver": More of ol' Luke. This song is just fun and upbeat.

9. (Artist Unkown)-"Futurama Theme (Remix)": I don't know who did this, but boy am I thankful they did. This is an extended version of the Futurama theme song.

10. The Verve-"Bittersweet Symphony (Unkle Remix)": This remix takes this song and adds a nice beat behind it. However, even Unkle couldn't deny the original by the time they got towards the end.

11. Wagon Christ-"Tallyho": You know what? I was just feeling Luke Vibert when I did this mix, okay? More fun stuff.

12. RJD2-"Smoke And Mirrors": Great song from RJD2's debut Deadringer. It's a bluesy, upbeat record that sounds sort of DJ Shadow-esque.

13. The Chemical Brothers featuring The Magic Numbers-"Close Your Eyes": Another veteran of my first Mixmania disc, this song grew to be my favorite from Push The Button, The Chemical Brothers' most recent album.

14. Daft Punk-"Human After All": What do you know? Another first Mixmania veteran! Upbeat retro-sounding techno!

15. Luke Vibert-"Slipped Disc": The last Luke Vibert song. It really is, I swear.

Well, I hope my match enjoys the additional 30 songs. They certainly provide a contrast to my actual Summer Mixmania! disc.


  1. Jet Set Radio soundtrack = Hideki Naganuma

    I love the UNKLE remix of Bittersweet symphony- the bass line is great and delaying the strings until after the three-minute mark was the perfect way to offset their repetitiveness.

  2. Anonymous1:31 AM

    danny elfman does the futurama theme song, same bloke as the simpsons

  3. how can i get a copy of these mix cd's?