Friday, July 22, 2005

Oh, The Places The People You Know Go

Sometimes, I wonder about the people I went to school with. I had a blast while at Northwestern but I didn't really keep in contact with a lot of the people I met there. In fact, I only really keep in contact with about five or six people I went to school with. I have googled the names of people I know every so often to see what comes up.

I thought about all this because I found the blog of someone I went to school with today. His name is Ben and he did Anime Club with me when I was still at NU. In fact, he took over once I left. He also is a part of Toon Zone, a site I frequent every so often. It was quite interesting to read what Ben is up to now, especially since it's far more interesting than what I am doing. Well, his blog is now on my blogroll (check the sidebar or click the link for his name above).

I wonder if anyone else I went to NU with is blogging. I wonder if anyone I knew from NU realizes that I'm blogging and that I've been doing so for a year-and-a-half now. I didn't hate college. I liked that part of my life a whole lot. Maybe I need to try and reconnect with more of the people from it. Will it be worth it for me to do so or will I get depressed because my current situation is probably a lot crappier than many of the people I went to school with? Looks like I have to do a little more thinking about this...

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