Friday, October 28, 2005

Animaniac-ally Happy

I am very excited by news that Animaniacs will be heading to DVD (along with its spinoff Pinky & The Brain). I loved the show when it was first on and I tried to catch episodes of it whenever I could when it aired on what is now Nicktoons Network. Even my mother ended up getting hooked on the show as a result of the Nicktoons airings.

With this news, let me just say these things to Warner Home Video:

1. Under no circumstances should anything be edited from these episodes. I don't think there is anything that would even warrant this, but after what happened with Tom & Jerry, I'm being cautious.

2. At least one commentary track with the people behind these shows would be appreciated. I think a commentary track with Paul Rugg on it would be hilarious.

3. If these do well, please consider releasing that wonderfully warped cult classic Freakazoid!

4. Thank you so much for finally bringing these shows to DVD! Here's hoping that they'll be up to the quality of the DC (Batman, Superman) animated sets you've released in the past.

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