Monday, September 26, 2005

When Cultures Collide...

Ever since I joined Blog Critics, whenever I do a review, I cross-post it to this blog and BC. Most of the time, my posts on BC get more comments because the site gets more traffic. However, I had no idea that some reviews of albums by boy bands would lead to a combined total of nearly 1000 comments. I also didn't expect that these posts would expose the cultural divides between the young and the old, the urban and non-urban, and the smart and the not-so-smart.

Back in June, I posted my review of Pretty Ricky's album Bluestars and in July, I posted my review of B5's self-titled debut. From my experiences with my sister during her boy band phases, I knew that these posts would get a good amount of comments. Boy band fans are extremely loyal and vocal during the period of time that they are obsessed with the band. It is absolutely pointless to argue about the lack of artistry in a boy band record with a boy band fan. To paraphrase Chris Rock, those fans don't let a little thing like logic get in the way of a good argument. Also, these fans sniff out anything dealing with their group du jour like bloodhounds. This is probably how Pretty Ricky and B5 fans ended up at Blog Critics.

Reading the comments contained in those posts will give you a glimpse into the world of urban teenage girls. Anyone who values "proper" English would probably die from sheer shock. The English language is twisted and turned in ways that are fascinating, hilarious, and sad. Black people have a rich history of using language in creative ways. However, the way language is used in those comments might be too creative. When I was in high school, I was surrounded by girls who talked like this and it didn't really annoy me but there is something about seeing that language as text that is just strange. While the initial comments are fun to read because they are so bad, the reason why I even drew attention to these posts is because of what happened when other types of people commented.

One post in particular, the B5 review, really emphasizes the cultural divide. Beginning around comment 190, other BC members and non-B5 fans started posting. Also, a couple of B5 fans who are supposed to be related started posting on the review like it was their own personal message board. As a result, hilarity ensues. The girls react in a hostile manner to the satirical posts by BC members. They completely miss the point of the posts. The back-and-forth between these two very different groups is ridiculous (although I have to wonder why two people would use a post on Blog Critics as a way to communicate with each other).

So, if you want to see how far down our society has gone (or are in for a good laugh) check out the Pretty Ricky and B5 reviews I posted on Blog Critics. Don't check them out for my reviews...check them out for the comments and the way they mirror the cultural divides in our country.

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