Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Sterfish Christmas/Birthday List 2005

Ever since I was kid, I've always made a long, elaborate Christmas list. In reality, it was really more of a wish list since I didn't get most of the stuff on there (but I usually did get the "priority" items). Since my birthday is Christmas Eve, the list also became a list of things that people could get for my birthday too.

Now, I bring you the 2005 version of that list. This list can (and probably will) be updated at any time as I find out that things I want are available (or I decide that I'm better without some stuff). This year, I've decided to put some comments about the stuff that I want.

Updated 12/10/2005. Any items I have bought for myself have a line struck through them.



Surprisingly, there are very few CDs that I want to get this holiday season. The two albums I was really looking forward to getting, Pharrell's solo album and OutKast's newest, have both been delayed until next year.

*Mary J. Blige-The Breakthrough: Mary J. Blige is one of my favorite singers and if the first single is any indication, this could be a very good album.

The Chemical Brothers-Push The Button: I still don't own a proper copy of this album.

The White Stripes-Get Behind Me Satan: See above.

Gorillaz-Gorillaz: I bought and enjoyed Demon Days and I now want a copy of their first album, which I also enjoyed.


*Sin City Extended Edition: I loved this movie and with the "real" DVD edition of this finally coming out, I can't wait to watch it again.

Arrested Development Seasons 1 & 2: With this show likely cancelled (*sniff*), I have decided that I'd like to own it on DVD. If I get it, it would be only the second live-action TV show I own on DVD (the other is Mr. Bean).

*Bambi and Aladdin: These are the two Disney movies I like that I don't own yet on DVD. A recent viewing of Aladdin with my sister made me realize how much I enjoyed that movie.

Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 3: I know that I only bought Volume 2 a few weeks ago and that I have yet to sit through all of it...I love the Looney Tunes. As long as WB keeps up the good work with these DVDs (unlike poor Tom & Jerry), I'll keep buying.

*The Simpsons Season 6: I love The Simpsons a lot (I still watch it even as it's in the "why won't it die?" stage) and I'm resolving to only get the first 10 seasons of this (aka The Good Years).

Jubei-Chan 2 Volume 1, Ah! My Goddess TV Volume 1, Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki (New OVA) Volume 1: I am itching to start buying a new anime series, but I can't convince myself take the first step again. These are the series I'm the most interested in starting as I enjoyed their previous versions. I'd have put Gundam Seed on this list, but I think I'll wait for a boxset.

SuperGALS! Collection and Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum Collection: Speaking of box sets, these two are featureless boxsets of ADV shows at a fairly reasonable price. I have not seen either show in its entirety, but I want to. I have watched episodes of SuperGALS! on On Demand and I like it. Even though Evangelion is now on Adult Swim, I have managed to miss it every time. I have only seen the first episode and apparently, you can't call yourself an anime fan if you haven't watched it at least once.

Futurama Volumes 3 & 4: These are the last two seasons of the show and the only ones I don't have.


Nighthogs (Pearls Before Swine) by Stephen Pastis: Pearls Before Swine is one of my favorite comics to read and this is the most recent non-Treasury collection. I own the other two books and I have re-read them a couple of times. I'd love to have this one too.

*The Simpsons-One Step Beyond Forever: This is the fourth installment in the series of guides to The Simpsons. I own the other three and as a Simpsons fan, I'd love this one.

*Kare Kano volume 12+, GTO volume 16+, Fruits Basket volume 7+, Hana-Kimi volume 4+: I am way behind in terms of my manga reading. These are the series that I like to read at the moment (I haven't started another one apart from MeruPuri) and any help in catching me up will be appreciated.

Gift Cards

Let me explain. These are the places that I would love to get gift cards from. As cool as gift cards are, they are not useful to someone if they're for a place they'd never go. I would never get my sister a gift card for Starbucks because chances are she probably wouldn't use it that much.

Best Buy/Circuit City
Old Navy
(and basically any other place that sells DVDs, CDs, books, or clothing my size)

Electronic Stuff

Portable CD Player: Portable CD players fear me and with good reason. I can't seem to keep one from getting messed up. While some of it is due to my occasional clumsiness, a lot of it is due to me simply wearing the thing out. Since I don't have so much as a CD boombox, the main thing I play my CDs on is my portable CD player. My current player works right now, but the only way I can keep the lid closed is by using a piece of tape.

Headphones: The same thing I said about portable CD players can also apply to headphones. No matter how hard I try, every damn pair I buy ends up either getting somewhat messed up or just plain worn out. My current headphones still work and sound good, but one of the speakers won't reattach to the band. I can still wear them, but if I take them off, the unattached speaker will fall down

Game Boy Advance/Nintendo DS: This could possibly go onto the "Not A Chance Hell" portion of the list that's coming up next, but I decided to put it here. I don't own any of the current generation of game consoles and I'm not too sure if/when I'll get another home console. However, I really would love to get a new portable console, either the GBA or the DS. Both of these systems have games I would love to play as I'm a big fan of old-school side-scrolling Mario and of Sonic The Hedgehog. Frankly, as technologically advanced as the PSP is, I could care less about it. I want fun games, not movies that I can't even put onto a normal TV screen. The Nintendo portable consoles have those. I have been debating if I want a DS more or a GBA more. The DS has some homegrown games I'd love to get (Mario Kart DS, Sonic Rush), but the GBA is less expensive and smaller. Hmm...

"Not A Chance In Hell"

We've reached the final portion of this list...the "not a chance in hell" portion. This is where I dream really big for stuff that there is really no chance in hell of me getting. Most of this stuff is made up of things I will eventually get...but not necessarily for Christmas/Birthday.

TV: With the possible exception of the television in my parents' bedroom, I have the oldest TV in the house. It was an old TV of my grandmother's. To this day, I have never had a brand-new TV. Every TV I have gotten has been used before by someone else. Getting a new TV is something that has always lingered in the back of my mind but at this point, I'm almost wondering if I should wait and invest in a HDTV.

Computer: This isn't that far out of the realm of possibility, since I plan to start saving to get a new computer...but I won't have it by Christmas.

Furniture: My mom has wanted me to have new furniture for ages. With the exceptions of my bed, my TV stand, and my computer desk, I have had my furniture since I was little. My bedroom is small, so it's bad to have relatively large furniture that has very little room for my clothing. Like the TV, it has always stayed in the back of my mind. If I get a better job, I may finally be able to afford to get some new furniture.

MP3 Player: Like the computer, this one isn't that impossible. In fact, I was very close to buying myself a cheapie one from work on Thanksgiving. I decided against it, fortunately. I don't know exactly what kind of player I want, but I do know that I don't necessarily want an iPod. Maybe it's just me, but I don't want an MP3 player that everyone and their grandmother has. As good as an iPod may be, part of me thinks that it's a little overexposed and quite possibly overrated. However, if I won one or someone got me one, I certainly would be grateful.

5.1 Surround Sound System: This one is not going to happen for a loooooong time. Ideally, I'd love to have a nice sound system for my DVDs and my CDs. It would be so great.

That's it for my Christmas/Birthday wish list. Now, my sister can just check this post to see what I'd like as a present.


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