Thursday, October 06, 2005

Meat On Top Of Meat On Top Of...Meat

Have you seen the commercials for Burger King's new Meatnormous Omelet Sandwich? It's basically the same as the Enormous Omelet Sandwich except it also has two slices of ham. I've had the Enormous Omelet Sandwich a couple of times and I thought it was great. However, I have to wonder where Burger King will draw the line. What's next? The Cheesenormous Omelet Sandwich with 5 slices of cheese? The Eggnormous Omelet Sandwich with two fried eggs added to the mix? Will we see canadian bacon on one of these sandwiches? What about steak?

It's entirely possible that one day, Burger King will unleash a sandwich that will combine every breakfast food they have on their menu. They'll call it the GI-Normous Omelet Sandwich and it will have eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, cheese, hash browns, mini-cinnamon rolls, sliced french toast sticks, salt, maple syrup, two biscuits, and croissant crumbs on a sesame seed bun. For $1 extra, you could get a Whopper patty on it too. Yum.

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