Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Rock Reviews: Now Here Is Nowhere by Secret Machines

Here's the second in my series of rock reviews. The album this time around is Now Here Is Nowhere by Secret Machines.

Not many groups would open an album with a song that's nine minutes long, but Secret Machines did just that. What's amazing is that not only is the song very good, but it's not the only long song on the album. In fact, there are only nine songs on all of Now Here Is Nowhere and those songs make up a total of about 50 minutes of music. Even with all the long songs, this album is wonderful to listen to.

"First Wave Intact" is the aforementioned nine-minute long opener, a song that gives you a clear idea of what to expect on the rest of the album. It's dark and heavy with a little psychedelia thrown in for good measure. It reminds me of some of the classic rock I've heard...but in a good way. The lyrics (which are included in the booklet) are actually pretty good. They match the dark tone of the music. "Sad And Lonely" contains this incredibly depressing line: "Does it feel like those around want you to die?"

Now Here Is Nowhere is a great album. There is a reason why I put it on my 100 Great Albums list. I just wish I had discovered this group earlier. I don't buy much rock music but if albums like this and Get Behind Me Satan keep coming out, I may be buying more in the future.

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