Thursday, September 15, 2005

My Driving Mixmania Song List

For the third time, I have participated in Mixmania. This time, the mix has a driving theme. For my mix, I decided to do something sort of interesting. I mixed songs that had something to do with cars or driving (even vaguely) with songs that just sounded like they would sound good while driving. It's weird...the one time that I actually burn my mix on time, there is a delay in getting it sent out because of the surprise I sent along with it. And now, the song list...

1. "Daytona 500" by Ghostface Killah featuring Raekwon & Cappadonna: When I found out that this Mixmania would have a driving theme, this is one of the first songs I thought about using. Whether it's the song's wonderful beat, the racing reference in the title, or the music video (which was made up entirely of clips from the classic anime Speed Racer), there was no question that this would be on the mix.

2. "Presidente" by Kinky: Kinky is a very cool group out of Mexico. I decided to buy their first album on a whim after seeing a story about them on a Latino entertainment show on a very late Saturday night. I've been a fan since. I was torn about which song of theirs to use but I decided to use this song, the first single from their second album Atlas. Even if you don't know any Spanish (my knowledge has lessened a lot since I was in college), you can definitely enjoy the wonderful music.

3. "Two Dope Boyz In A Cadillac" by OutKast: I became a fan of OutKast when I was in high school and their album ATLiens was released. ATLiens remains my favorite OutKast album to this day. This song has a smooth beat to it...perfect for a slow ride in your Cadillac.

4. "Broken Dreams" by Basement Jaxx: Basement Jaxx makes another appearance on a Mixmania disc (I put a song from them on the first one). I like this song because the beat is pretty straightforward and it sounds perfect for driving.

5. "Mashin' On The Motorway" by DJ Shadow: DJ Shadow's back with a very funny, very driving-related song. Featuring Lateef The Truth Speaker on vocals, this song is hilarious as he raps and navigates the motorway with people cursing him out as he goes. I thought about putting the song that follows this song on DJ Shadow's album The Private Press called "Blood On The Motorway" on this disc, but I decided against it.

6. "Sunday After You" by Kenna: It's a shame that more people didn't catch on to Kenna's wonderful debut album New Sacred Cow. Then again, this is an artist that defied categories left and right. First off, he's black and the music he makes is best described as "electro pop." Then, his album is produced by Chad Hugo of The Neptunes (aka the one that you don't see as often). He was on Fred Durst's record label for a while before moving to Sony and the first time a lot of people heard of him was in a video that appeared on a Toonami special. Despite that, this is a great song and the beat will hook you.

7. "Let Me Ride" by Dr. Dre: Another driving-related song. I don't think I need to explain this classic from Dr. Dre's album The Chronic.

8. "Follow My Ruin" by Röyksopp: I love Röyksopp's current album The Understanding and there are quite a few songs on it that would sound good in a car on a trip. I had to narrow it down, though, and I decided on this song. You will just feel good listening to this song.

9. "Fender Bender" by Kid Koala: Here's a fun little driving-related song. Kid Koala is one of the fastest scratchers I've ever heard and it shows in the second half of this song. The entire "conversation" between the people involved in the fender bender of the title is scratched by him. Also, check out the weird animated music video if you get a chance.

10. "On & On" by Missy Elliott: This song is one of those songs that's only a good driving song because you want to turn it up and blast it while riding in your car. Missy dons an old-school rapping style over what is by far one of the most creative beats from The Neptunes I've heard in a while. It's off-kilter, spacey, bubbly, and funky.

11. "Survival on the street of insincerity" by Yasushi Ishii (from Hellsing OST 1: RAID): Here's the lone anime song on this mix. The only thing driving-related in this song is the word "street" in the title. However, it's a great piece of funky rock. Even though this song comes from the first soundtrack, the second soundtrack called RUINS is actually the better one. Both soundtracks are available domestically from Geneon Anime Music.

12. "Midday Sun" by Ian O'Brien: Nice...smooth...relaxing...this song is perfect for a leisurely drive.

13. "Running Down A Dream" by Tom Petty: Like "Daytona 500," this is one of the songs that immediately came to mind when I heard about the driving theme. I always remember that black-and-white animated video for this song.

14. "Ghostwriter" by RJD2: Three for three, ladies and gentlemen. RJD2 has appeared on all three Mixmania discs I've done. In all honesty, this song should have been on the Summer Mixmania disc. Regardless, it's also a great driving song. When I first heard it, I could've sworn I had heard it in a movie, TV show, or commercial before. I can't put my finger on which one, though.

15. "Boomin' System" by LL Cool J: Here's a last-minute addition. Even though it's perfect for this mix with its refrain of "Cars ride by with the boomin' system," I did not even think about it until I heard it on the radio a couple of nights before I was going to burn the mix. This is also one of my dad's favorite songs. Now that I have it, it's only a matter of time before I have to burn it to disc for him.

16. "Play Dead" by Bjork: Bjork? On a driving mix? Yep. You may think it's weird now, but wait until you hear the beat. It's simple, bass heavy, and yet still Bjork.

That concludes my Driving Mixmania mix. However, I'll clue you in on a little secret. There was one more song I wanted to put on here but I couldn't because my burner didn't want to copy it. That song is Radiohead's "The Tourist" from OK Computer. I wanted to end this mix with a driving-related song, but it didn't work out. Yet, maybe this mix is better without that song. Who knows...

Thanks to Jim for organizing this once again. It's fun to put my mixmaking skills to the test. (P. S. Thanks for sending me your mix, Jim!)

As for the surprise...well, you'll have to wait a little longer before I reveal that. However, I promise that I'll reveal it in full before September 16th.

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  1. What a fun mix! I particularly liked Two Dope Boyz, Sunday after You, Fender Bender - which, like most of this mix, I hadn't heard before - and Running Down a Dream, which I had heard.