Thursday, August 26, 2004

Comments On The Olympics Thus Far

-Why did NBC spread the Opening Ceremonies over four hours? And why were most of the countries whose walks were edited down African or so-called "brown" countries? And why did Bob Costas continually mispronounce the names of various countries despite both the English PA announcer and Katie Couric saying them correctly?

-Am I the only one who thinks the commentators are annoying? Tim Daggett, the main gymnastics color commentator (and a former gymnast), has an annoying voice and his enthusiasm is grating as opposed to appealing. Another annoying commentator is someone my family has dubbed "the diving lady." I don’t remember her name, but she reminds me of that teacher that wouldn’t give you that extra point you needed to get an A on a test. If I never hear the words "underrotate," "overrotate," "entry," and "stick landing" for another four years, I’d be happy.

-The judging for gymnastics has been lousy at this Olympics...and I’m not just talking about the Paul Hamm controversy. How could several people end up with the exact same score in the High Bar individual event final? There also were several performances that I thought were great that got low scores. As for Paul Hamm...he should keep that medal, plain and simple.

-I like that NBC’s coverage of the Olympics has been so broad, across all their networks. It gives people a chance to check out lesser-known sports. Who’d think that handball and badminton would be enjoyable to watch?

-Women’s Beach Volleyball proves that nothing unites the world more than the desire to see beautiful women in skimpy bikinis.

-This Olympics also has shown that stereotypes are made to be broken. A European woman won the 100M Dash while a white guy was the winner of the 400M race. There also was a black woman on the USA Swim Team and the USA Men’s Basketball team did not dominate as previous teams have. I think it’s more interesting when the field of athletes is both diverse and talented.

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