Saturday, June 19, 2004

A Semi-New Story

I've posted a new short story onto my Fiction Press site. Let me give you a little background on this particular story.

For one thing, this is not the story I mentioned I was working on in a recent post. This is another story I finished earlier that I was hesitant to post initially. It was intended as part of a larger collection of stories I was going to dub Happy Times. This collection would've been a bunch of stories that take place in a dark, nasty version of our world. After writing this story (as a prototype for this collection), I decided against working on it. So, what's left is a dark story that may seem a bit strange because of the lack of context. The story is now called "An Unusual Encounter" and you can do directly to it here.

If you have some comments about the story, post them in this post or leave me a review on the Fiction Press site. Again, I hope to finish my next story (which is decidedly different from this one) within the next couple of weeks.

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