Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Portable CD Player Killer

Since about 1996, I've had five portable CD players. Every single one of them was done in (or just sort of messed up) by me. They go as follows:

#1 (Magnavox): Stopped working when dropped on floor
#2 (Aiwa): Hold button (which lets you lock the buttons and keep the batteries from running down) messed dad uses it now
#3 (Panasonic): The lid came completely off the player, with only a cord keeping the two together
#4 (Panasonic): Same as #1 (although it had fallen to the floor many times before)
#5 (Panasonic): Current player. When putting it away, it slipped from my hands. The open/close mechanism broke and I now have to use masking tape to keep it closed. At least it still plays CDs.

I am living proof that things aren't made to last anymore. I swear, the next portable CD player I get (when my current one can no longer play CDs) will be a sports-style player. One of those players that's actually made for wear and tear. I've thought about getting an MP3 player a few times, but I'm not sure I want to spend good money on something that I may ruin within six months. At least my headphones are still in near-mint condition....knock on wood.

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