Thursday, July 15, 2004

Silly Comcast

In a recent post, I told you that I was contacted by an editor of Cableworld magazine about the “digital sports tier” that we were supposed to be getting from Comcast. She recently e-mailed me with info about one of the channels, TV Games Network. That network was added to our system, but has been unavailable the entire time we’ve had it. In fact, it’s unavailable to every subscriber in Illinois that has it. According to the info I received, it’s only supposed to be available in states that allow wagering. Illinois is not one of these states...but Indiana is. Since much of our system is shared with Northern Indiana, the channel is there...but blocked. It makes me wonder why they decided to even have the channel in Illinois at all. Is it that difficult to remove a channel from a lineup? Then again, this is the company that still has G4TechTV in two channel spots...the one where G4 was and the one Tech TV was.

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