Saturday, August 01, 2009

The New TV

A little while back, I blogged about my experience with TV's and how my sister's TV made me want to get a new one for the first time.  Well, I took the plunge and bought my first-ever brand-new TV.  Of course, I didn't decide to get a new TV just on a whim.  I had an "excuse."

The TV in our basement, where my sister and I have set up our Wii, essentially went haywire.  It suddenly would cut itself on and off and go to full volume (without letting you turn it down).  The interesting thing about this is that this TV was one of the newest in the house.  It was barely three years old and until my sister got her TV, it was the only TV in the house with a digital tuner. 

I guess it was a case of "you get what you pay for" as not only did the TV come from Wal-Mart but it was also less than $150.  Still, considering that it wasn't used all that much compared to the other TV's in the house, it didn't last as long as I thought it would.

Anyway, with that TV out of commission, it meant that there was no TV to use for the Wii.  The basement is the only logical place to put the Wii because it's the largest area in our house and the only one where multiple people could play without hitting something.  This made me decide to buy a new TV so I could take my previous TV (which still works) downstairs for us to play Wii on. 

I narrowed down my choices to two TV's.  One was exactly like my sister's and the other was larger, and slightly more expensive.  I decided to splurge on the larger one.  It's a 26" Insignia HDTV and I've been enjoying it quite a bit in the few days I've had it.  I have an HD DVR (just like my sister) and I've been watching random stuff I normally wouldn't watch just to see it in HD. 

Insignia is one of Best Buy's private brands and although my previous experiences with Best Buy store brands have been hit-or-miss (computer mouse--good, portable CD player--bad), I'm kind of glad I got this TV.  For one thing, it came with a component video cord and a VGA cord.  It also came with a remote control holder. 

One side note:  How come animation looks so much better in HD than live action?  Many of the Disney Channel's animated shows are done in HD and they look spectacular.  Even a show like The Replacements just pops.

Lately, I had been spending more time at the computer than watching TV in my room.  Now with my new TV, the reverse is true.

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