Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The TV, The TV

After really watching HD, I think I want a new TV. Although I don't really watch TV in my room, I probably would if I had a nice, mid-size HDTV.

My history with TVs in my bedroom is surprisingly lame.

I can't remember exactly how old I was when I got my first TV in my bedroom. I want to say I was maybe 12 years old or something like that. My first TV was a 20-inch Zenith with a dial for VHF and a dial for UHF. It became my TV when we got a new TV for our living room. The TV that was in that room became mine.

That TV was not cable ready and it was so old that you needed a special attachment in order to hook cable to it (the antenna connection involved screws). I have fond memories of staying up late on Friday nights (the only weeknight I could stay up) and watching The Tonight Show on that TV.

When that TV konked out, the next TV I got was the first (of two) that would come courtesy of one of my grandmother's friends. It was the first cable ready TV I had and the first TV with a remote. It was brown and the channel number was visible on a red LED display on the right side of the TV. The one main thing I remember about that TV was how I had to push the buttons really hard in order to go to a channel.

When that TV stopped working, I got my current TV. It also came from my grandmother's friend and it's notable for being the first TV with inputs on it (mono's not stereo). It's not really a bad TV. The picture is just a little too dark. I never really noticed it until my family had to use it as our living room TV while I was at school. Watching stuff on that TV looked a lot darker than on any other TV in the house.

Even though I've had it for at least seven or eight years, it hasn't stopped working yet. It illustrates one thing about me...I'm reluctant to spend a lot of money at once. I could afford a new TV right now but I can't just drop $300 without doing some research. I buy a lot of stuff I don't really need (DVDs and CDs especially) but I rationalize it because it's in small doses. Spending $20 five separate times doesn't seem as bad as spending $100 at once.

A new TV is one of a list of things I should buy in the near future like a new bed, new bedroom furniture, and a new computer. I'm going to get one and I deserve to buy myself the first brand-new TV I've ever owned. It's going to just take time, I guess.

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