Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Anime Overload & More

I've got lots of anime to watch. Apart from the fansubs I'm watching, I'll be reviewing the first Death Note boxset for BC Magazine. I also just got a shipment with DNAngel in its entirety and the first two volumes of Shonen Onmyouji (which I will likely also review for BC Magazine). I may or may not share my thoughts on DNAngel here.

I'm also tiptoeing back into fiction writing. My goal is to do some short stories as a way to experiment and get my rhythm back. The main reason I haven't done much fiction writing is because writing reviews and blog posts come more naturally to me. Still, fiction writing is something I want to do.

Finally, I have a music post or two I will probably do. I will definitely review Girl Talk's Feed The Animals fairly soon. I have also already started thinking about my "best albums of 2008" post. I want to post that sometime next month.

So, there's lots of irons on the fire. Hopefully, I can get to most of them.

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