Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Evil Mixmania

With the remake of The Omen opening today (for obvious reasons), it's fitting that the time has come to post the song list for my Evil Mix. Here are the creepy, chilling, and downright eeevil songs I put on my 2-disc mix (with comments as always):

Disc 1

1. “Murder Was The Case (Remix)” by Snoop Dogg (from the short film “Murder Was The Case”): The remix of this song is the perfect way to start the first evil mix. If you haven’t seen the Dr. Dre-directed short film of the same name, it has Snoop Dogg making a deal with the devil so that he can live again after being shot.

2. “The Horror” by RJD2: The coolest horror movie music to never play in a real horror movie.

3. “Karma Police” by Radiohead: The idea of a “karma police” is chilling.

4. “97’ Bonnie & Clyde” by Tori Amos: While Eminem’s original song is more shocking, this remake is downright creepy.

5. “From 666 To 777” by Yasushi Ishii (from the anime Hellsing): This song starts out so happy and just gets darker and darker...

6. “Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa” by De La Soul: Millie has a damn good reason for pulling that pistol. There are few things more evil than a father who sexually abuses his daughter.

7. “The Devil Is In The Details” by Boards Of Canada: The more you listen to this song and figure out what’s going on, the creepier it gets.

8. “Perfect Night” by Tsuneo Imahori (from the anime Trigun): This is one dark piece of industrial techno. I wonder what Trent Reznor would think if he ever heard it.

9. “The Watcher (Instrumental)” by Dr. Dre: Without the lyrics, this song really sounds like it would be a perfect fit in a suspenseful film.

10. “Shadow Of Doubt” by Yoko Kanno (from the anime Escaflowne): Every single time they showed the villains in the anime series, this piece is played. As beautiful as it is, I can’t listen to it without thinking of someone sinister.

11. “Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey’s Head” by Gorillaz featuring Dennis Hopper: Those poor happy folk.

12. “Suicidal Thoughts” by The Notorious B.I.G.: This is easily one of the darkest and most haunting hip-hop songs I've ever heard.

13. “Dracula’s holy pupil and R & R” by Yasushi Ishii (from the anime Hellsing): Am I the only one who automatically thinks “old world evil” every time I hear a harpsichord?

14. “Chirimen Air” by Yoko Kanno (from the movie Ashura): I just think this song has a nice, dark mood to it.

15. “Devils Haircut” by Beck: I don't know what Beck's referring to when he says “devils haircut” but it must be bad if it makes him scream at the end of the song.

16. “Calmative” by Taku Iwasaki (from the anime Now And Then, Here And There): Those who listen to this song may think that it doesn’t sound inherently evil or creepy. However, it definitely belongs here. This song is pretty much the theme music for King Hamdo, the truly insane villain of the anime series Now And Then, Here And There. I’ve seen anime series that were more violent but few have had the dramatic impact that this show has. I’ll have to write a post about it one day because it’s something that is definitely worth watching.

17. “Suicide Underground” by Air (from the movie The Virgin Suicides): Disc 1 of this mix ends with one of the single creepiest songs I’ve ever heard. By lowering the pitch of Giovanni Ribisi’s voice, Air made his monologue have even more of an impact than it already does.

Disc 2

1. “Backstabbers” by The O’Jays: I hope there is a special section in hell for those people who gain your love and trust only to stomp on it and screw you over.

2. “Natural Born Killaz” by Dr. Dre and Ice Cube (from the short film “Murder Was The Case”): Dr. Dre and Ice Cube are serial killers on this song. How the hell did this song ever get released as a single?

3. “El Mañana” by Gorillaz: [Please skip the following comments if you have not yet seen the video for this song.] Noooooooodle! Nooooooo! Why did you have to die?!!

4. “Broken Homes” by Tricky featuring PJ Harvey: “Murder is media.” Isn't that a scary thought?

5. “Smile” by Yoko Kanno (from the anime Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex): For a song with this title, it sounds pretty dark.

6. “Dead Wrong” by The Notorious B.I.G. featuring Eminem: Biggie was very good at exploring the darker side of things.

7. “The World’s Last Sagacious Period” by Yasushi Ishii (from the anime Hellsing): Who says evil can't sound badass?

8. “The Watcher (Instrumental) (Sterfish Reverse Mix)” by Dr. Dre: There is something just so alien about a backwards song.

9. “Murder Was The Case” by Snoop Dogg (feat. Dat Nigga Daz): Here's the original version of Snoop's song, from his debut album Doggystyle.

10. “We Tigers (Sterfish Slow Mix)” by Animal Collective: This song is strange in its original version but slowed down (by 66% no less), it starts to sound like an eerie, tribal sacrifice or something like that.

11. “Lovely Night” by Ichiko Hashimoto (from the anime RahXephon): There's something about the strings on this song (especially at the beginning) that does NOT make me think of the word “lovely.”

12. “Hail Mary” by Makaveli (a.k.a. 2Pac): All I have to say is “Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting pussy.”

13. “Hardcore Obelisk” by Squarepusher: This sounds like it should be paired up with images of hell.

14. “Empty House” by Air (from the movie The Virgin Suicides): A ghostly sadness envelopes this track.

15. “Kim” by Eminem: For all the talk about how shocking and disturbing this song is (and that talk is justified), I think that it's easily one of Eminem's best songs. In a darkly comic way, Em really hits not only on the love/hate relationship men have with women, but the hypocrisy in the way men deal with women. There's more to this song than it seems.

Thanks to Jim at Patriside for organizing another great Mixmania. I received his mix this time around and it was thoroughly enjoyable. Others' songlists also seem to be pretty good. My match certainly had an interesting one. Keep an eye on Jim's blog for news of the next Mixmania.


  1. That's quite the mix, Sterfish! I didn't get yours, though. I'm still searching for the culprit! ;)

  2. Sterfish, I've been enjoying this mix for a couple of weeks now. A lot of this stuff was new to me, but I love it! Thanks so much!

  3. Wow. I did not get your mixes, but I'm almost jealous of the one who did. They sound great.

  4. Like Karen, I've been enjoying the hell out of these mixes for the past few weeks (usually blasting it out while doing yard work). I really appreciate you sending copies to me.

    I'll be posting info on the next round in a few days.

  5. I'm almost jealous as well- great list!

  6. That looks fantastic, Sterf. Nice work!