Friday, June 03, 2005

Another Mixmania Coming Soon

Jim over at Patriside has announced his next installment of Mixmania, the event where bloggers anonymously exchange mix CDs and must visit each others' blogs to find out who sent them their CD. Visit the link for details on how to participate. I participated in the last Mixmania. See my song list here and my review of the mix CD I received here. This time around, there is a theme: Summer/Beach Mix. I will probably participate in this one too. Of course, part of me is mad that I used a great summer-sounding song, "Blue Hawaii" by Luke Vibert & BJ Cole, on my last Mixmania CD. Oh well...that makes me have to be more creative. Plus, some songs I didn't end up putting on my first Mixmania CD may get a home on the next one. My inner DJ can't wait.

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