Tuesday, April 05, 2005

GA Update

Well, when I went for my monthly General Assistance appointment, I found out the rules in regards to how getting a job affects eligibility. Because the position I found is only part-time, I will not be taken off General Assistance at the moment. The program doesn't want you to just find any job...they want you to find a full-time job. As such, I have to continue to fulfill all the requirements including the work letter and weekly Workfare at the Food Pantry. In addition, I will have to bring my paycheck stubs and my work schedule in addition to the other documents I normally bring when I go to my next appointment in early May. The check stubs will be used to determine if the money I am bringing in goes over the maximum wages I can make while on General Assistance.

Meanwhile, my Sports Authority training continues on Tuesday as I finish up my online training. On Wednesday is my cashier training. After that, it might finally be time for me to work on the sales floor. And to quote Louie Anderson in Coming To America: "And that's where the big bucks start rolling in."

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