Saturday, April 04, 2009

Goings On

Well, I got my copies of Jonny Quest and Royksopp's Junior the other day and am enjoying both of them. I will probably write a review of the Royksopp album (and I actually mean it this time). I'm not sure if I'll review the Jonny Quest set.

I saw Monsters vs. Aliens last weekend and liked it. It's simply a light action comedy romp with some sci-fi and pop culture references scattered around. I worked on a review of the movie but I couldn't write a version I was happy with, so it hasn't been posted.

After seeing two animated films at the theater in a row, the next movie I'll likely see is Dragonball. I used to watch the anime back in the day when it aired on Toonami, although I wasn't the biggest of fans (i.e. I didn't watch the Japanese version). This movie will probably be what I dub an "awesome failure" as in it will be bad but immensely enjoyable in spite of itself. This is the same thing I expected when I saw Speed Racer, although that movie ended up being something a lot more special than that. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

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