Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Lost Post

This past Thursday, December 18, was this blog's 6th anniversary. To mark the occasion, I'm about to bring you a "lost post" so to speak.

Way back in August 2004, I started a post commenting on the 2004 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies. For some reason, I never finished it and saved it as a draft.

Then, fast forward to some years later when I decided to actually look at my drafts section and I find this unfinished and unpublished post.

Below, is the original post published in its entirety here for the first time and without any changes by me. Also, as this blog gradually reaches 1000 posts, I'm going to post some reviews I wrote that have never been published online.

Comments on The Olympics Opening Ceremonies (Originally Written on August 16, 2004)

-Why did NBC feel the need to stretch out the Opening Ceremonies over four hours?

-Also, why couldn't Bob Costas pronounce the names of the countries right, even after Katie and the English voice heard in the stadium said them correctly?

-I also didn't like that it seemed like only the African countries (or those countries with black populations) were edited down in the Parade of Nations. Belarus gets its delegation shown in detail but not Gambia?

-There are way too many jokes that I could make about the glowing belly that woman had.


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