Monday, November 03, 2008

No NaNoWriMo

After trying (and failing) in 2006 and completely skipping 2007, I seriously considered trying National Novel Writing Month again. I got a pretty good idea for what I wanted to write and I felt good about doing it. However, it just seem like November came too quickly and I suddenly didn't feel up to it.

It's weird that I'm not doing it this time because I am in a writing mood again. I wrote two reviews for BC Magazine last week and another review will be posted soon. The thing is that it takes more concentration to write a novel than it does to write a review.

November is a tricky month for me anyway since I work retail. The economy may be down, but things will start to pick up towards Thanksgiving. I know I will be fairly busy soon.

So, I won't be trying National Novel Writing Month this year, but I will try to keep writing. I hope to finally have up part two of my fall 2008 anime thoughts sometime this week.

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