Friday, April 27, 2007

Time Mixmania: Bonus Mix

Given that my Time Mixmania mix was only one disc, I wanted to include another disc of some kind. Plus, I wanted to make a completely unthemed mix, something I hadn't done for myself in a while. So, I did.

1. Shirley Bassey - “Where Do I Begin” (awayTEAM mix): This is from the Shirley Bassey remix album called Diamonds Are Forever.... When I was in college, there was an event for new students at the Student Center and many local businesses came and gave away stuff. The local record store was there and they had a big box of random CDs for people to take. I found the Shirley Bassey remix album in that box. Best deal ever.

2. Hooverphonic - “Battersea”
: This is just a nice, epic pop song. I am firmly convinced that Yoko Kanno heard this song (or something like it) when she composed the song “Cyberbird” for Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex. They aren't exactly alike so Kanno didn't plagiarize or anything like that, but the sound is similar.

3. Cut Chemist - “Metrorail Thru Space”: I love the way this song goes from being purposely cheesy to being just damn good.

4. De La Soul - “Pease Porridge”: Here's a random pick. I really like the odd beat for this song with the way the horns just come and go combined with the percussion. The way De La raps on the song just seals the deal.

5. J. Dilla - “Nothing Like This”: I've sung this song's praises more than once, so I don't have to do it again. Needless to say, I really really like it.

6. RJD2 - “Since We Last Spoke”: Honestly, I don't know why I haven't used this song on a mix before. It's a really good song.

7. Hikaru Utada - “Passion” from Kingdom Hearts II: I don't know why, but her songs are just perfect for the opening movies of Kingdom Hearts games. I loved “Simple And Clean” from the original game, and I like this song too.

8. Yoko Kanno feat. Ilaria Graziano - “Replica” from GITS:SAC Solid State Society: One of my favorite songs from the Solid State Society OST. I like Ilaria Graziano's vocals here (and just in general, really).

9. Wu-Tang Clan - “For Heaven's Sake”: This remains one of my favorite songs from Wu-Tang Forever. I love the way that sped-up sample is combined with the gritty beat.

10. Cut Chemist - “The Garden”: Just like “Nothing Like This,” this is a song that I can't say enough good about. The berimbau, the drums, the vocals. Definitely my favorite song off Cut Chemist's album.

11. Deavid Soul - “House City Rockers”: When I reviewed their album, this was a real surprise. It's wild, frenetic fun.

12. RJD2 - “Exotic Talk”: I kind of forgot that I liked this song, so here it is.

13. Ghostface Killah feat. Raekwon & U-God - “Black Jesus”: The choir sample in the background is what gets me on this song.

14. Yoko Kanno - “Cyber Folk Music” from Aquarion
: Keeping in the choir/chorus vocal theme comes this song.

That's the Bonus Mix I sent to my match along with the Time Mixmania mix. I need to make more mixes like this again.

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  1. Thanks for this one as well. You're definitely exploring new idioms for me. I hope you look for your match! My comments have been hinky lately.