Sunday, April 01, 2007

So It's April Fools' Day...

For the first two years of this blog, I did something cool for April Fools' Day. In 2004, I went all out and changed everything about the blog. In 2005, I held a "Guest Blogger Day" where I hosted posts from other bloggers...bloggers that were completely fake. Last year, I didn't do anything at all apart from saying that I wasn't doing anything and revealing my Google Page Creator page, something I haven't touched since.

So, what am I doing for 2007? Erm...nothing.

It seems like 2005 tapped me out for April Fools' ideas. I thought the "Guest Blogger Day" was a brilliant idea that could've been greater if I took more time doing it. Of course, I can't do it again and actually expect to fool anyone since I did it before. Damn.

I think what I'll do this April Fools' Day is subvert it by just posting some good stuff.

So, look for at least two additional posts today, including a music review. And no, I'm not joking.

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