Monday, April 09, 2007

Random Digital Pics: April (Snow) Showers

Here it is, the first Random Digital Pics post of 2007!

This edition of Random Digital Pics deals with some snow showers...from April.

My mom looked outside today and saw that it was snowing. She said that she wished she had a video camera to record it. Snow in April in Chicago isn't unheard of, but most of the time, you don't see snow after March.

I was off from work today, so I decided to put some shoes on, grab my camera, and take some pics of the snowflakes falling outside our house.

Here are the best three pics of the ones I took:

You can't see much snow in this one, but I think it's kind of a nice picture.

Now you can see the snow.

This is my favorite of the set.

That's it for this Random Digital Pics post. If you want to see the full-size pics, click the thumbnails or visit the Picasa Web Album.

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