Sunday, April 01, 2007

More Weird Zone

It's time to return to the Weird Zone with a set of newly scanned comics. These comics come from the same batch as the first Weird Zone post.

Comic #1

I think this comic speaks to the fear (my fear, I guess) that something small can cause a big screw-up. In case you can't read my writing, the poor guy is saying “Uh-oh.”

Comic #2

In hindsight, I realize that the first two parts of this comic should have been switched. It makes more sense that way, I guess.

Comic #3

Here is the first of a set of comics with my favorite item in Weird Zone...the cannon. I don't know why so many comics use it. Maybe it's because they're really easy to draw. The unseen person is saying "Sorry! I ran out of cannon balls & this is the best I can do!"

Comic #4

It just occurred to is the guy down there going to get out? The dialogue at the bottom says “Oh! Help me! I've fallen down the well! Please help!”

Comic #5

I'm quite mean to my unnamed character(s). The sign says “CAUTION! CANNON!”

I hope you enjoyed this set of comics. Next time around, I may scan some of my first comic strip, The Michaelson's Trap. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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