Monday, March 05, 2007

URGE Channel In The Works?

I noticed something odd in the program guide for my cable system (Comcast) over the weekend. For the MTV Hits video channel, it showed something called “URGE TV” as being on. I turned to MTV Hits and found it still being its usual self.

Later on, however, the short name of the channel actually changed to URGE in my program guide. When I checked the guide today, it was back to being MTV Hits.

Many of you probably know that URGE is MTV/VH1's digital music store and given that MTV Hits is still doing that “Playlistism” thing, it probably makes sense to turn the Playlists idea and turn into its own channel. What better way would there to get the URGE name out there than to make a whole channel surrounding it?

If an URGE channel is in the works, I hope that it doesn't actually replace MTV Hits the way CMT Pure replaced VH1 Country or MTV Trés replaced MTV Español. MTV Hits was the place to catch a good combination of pop music videos and everything else that was popular. Just like VH1 Soul and MTV Jams, it was a place to see videos you couldn't see on MTV at all. I'm not against the idea of an URGE channel. I just hope MTV Hits doesn't have to disappear for that to happen.

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