Sunday, March 25, 2007

Scanning Ahoy!

I finally bought something I've been wanting for a all-in-one scanner, printer, and copier. It's funny how I got myself to finally buy one.

My dad is currently in school to get his Master's degree. Since I was the only one with a printer, he would handwrite his papers and give them to me to type. Usually, he gives me these papers at the last minute and I'm stuck trying to finish typing them for him before I have to go to work. There have been a couple of times when I've actually been late for work because I was finishing them for him.

Last week, he cut it too close and I was not able to finish the paper for him before I had to go to work. My sister and I ended up taking turns in doing the typing duties for that paper so he could e-mail it to his professor.

That spurred me into buying a new printer with the plan of giving my parents my old, still-working printer so that my dad could type and print at least some of his papers himself. So, on Friday, I bought myself that all-in-one and gave my parents my old printer. Everything is hooked up and working.

What does this mean for the blog? Well, just like getting a digital camera led to me sometimes posting pictures, the same is true for scans. I don't know what exactly I'll scan for this blog yet. When I started the first incarnation of Sterfish's Place (back when it was on GeoCities and it was intended as a site for my writing), I wanted to scan the comics I drew and post them. I'm still considering that, although I would have to redraw them because most of my comics are in pencil on notebook paper. I haven't drawn any comics in about a year or two, but I've been meaning to. If I ever scan them, you'll see that I have absolutely no drawing ability but hell, who did that stop?

Anyway, be on the look out for some more potentially fun stuff on this blog in the future.

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