Saturday, March 03, 2007

Mystery Mixmania: The Songs (Part 2)

Okay, had enough of a breath yet? Here's the songs of disc two.

Disc Two: The Rest

1. The Go! Team - “Panther Dash”: Remember how I said...oh, I won't get into that again. This song was the first song on The Go! Team's album. That's all that needs to be said.

2. Yashushi Ishii - “The World's Last Sagacious Period” from Hellsing: How funny is it that I decide to put a song that begins an album (this time Hellsing OST 2: Ruins) after a song that begins an album and also begins this mix?

3. Boards Of Canada - “Chromakey Dreamcoat”: I really like this song. I was going to use “Dayvan Cowboy” but ended up using this one because I am a little sick of “Dayvan Cowboy” at the moment.

4. Ichiko Hashimoto - “Winning Sound Of Her” from RahXephon: (See song number 7 on Disc One: The Best)

5. Nobuo Uematsu - “Silence Before The Storm” from Final Fantasy X: I have always liked this mellow little piece from that game. One of my fond memories of college is seeing my roommate and my friends play (and beat) FFX.

6. Unkle - “Garage Piano”: Once you get to this song, you start to realize that I'm becoming lenient in my “no vocals” rule. It's still a cool song.

7. Kid Koala - “Fender Bender”: Again, leniency. The song begins with someone talking!

8. Yoko Kanno - “Spotter” from Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex: One of my favorite instrumentals from GITS:SAC. I like the way it builds.

9. J. Dilla - “E=MC2 (Instrumental)”: Whether it's the instrumental version or the original with rapper Common, this is a song that deserves to be bumped loudly through high-bass speakers. I love this beat.

10. Röyksopp - “Tristesse Globale”: Imagine if the beginning of “Triumphant” never built up. This is the result, a quiet, relaxing song.

11. Danny Elfman - “Main Titles/End Titles” from Beetlejuice: I don't think people realize how good Elfman's score to Beetlejuice was. Beetlejuice is one of my favorite movies (I watch it almost every time it comes on) and I love the unusual score.

12. Squarepusher - “I Wish You Could Talk”: See, this was really meant for the big show (disc one) but I couldn't fit it. This was one of the songs I realized I left off that I just “had” to have on a disc.

13. Tsuneo Imahori - “Zero Hour” from Trigun: I just like something about this odd song. Maybe it's the way that it progresses.

14. Yashushi Ishii - “Survival On The Street Of Insincerity” from Hellsing: I've used this song before and it's here again. This is my favorite song from Hellsing. The bass gets me every time.

15. The Pillows - “Sad Sad Kiddie (Off Vocal)” from FLCL: Another FLCL track. The songs they used in FLCL were good.

16. Yoko Kanno - “Charm” from Escaflowne TV: I like the creepy mood of this song from the backwards vocals to the instruments used.

17. Dr. Dre - “Xxplosive (Instrumental)”: Okay everybody! Let's all sing Erykah Badu's “Bag Lady” as this beat plays. On the count of three...

18. Bernard Herrmann - “Twisted Nerve”: Can't you just see Daryl Hannah's character walking down the aisle in that nurse outfit from Kill Bill Volume 1 when you listen to this? Or do you remember the movie this really came from?

19. The Go! Team - “Junior Kickstart”: Note: There is a really cool video for this song that you should be able to find on YouTube. It features a live-action version of Ms. Pac-Man running around Manhattan.

20. Fatboy Slim - “Song For Chesh”: Everyone says that this is just a song made out of Fatboy Slim leftovers. That may be true but sometimes leftovers taste pretty damn good.

21. Yoko Kanno - “Cubic” from Escaflowne TV: Let me take this opportunity to say that you should look for the Escaflowne TV series if you get a chance. It not only has some great music, it's a pretty good show that melds action and romance quite well. Oh, and please watch it before you embark on the movie version. The movie's quite different.

22. J. Dilla - “Gobstopper”: Here's the one instrumental from Donuts with no voices to be found.

23. The Chemical Brothers - “Surrender”: This mix ends not with a song that ends an album but with a favorite I've used before.

Okay, that's it. 47 songs and 47 commentaries later, my songlist is done for my Mystery Mixmania mix. Check out my Mog for a complete, condensed songlist and the chance to actually hear a track or two from my mix.

Thanks to Jim for once again organizing a great Mixmania!

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  1. That sounds like an interesting one. I hope you had a chance to cruise by mine.