Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Posts Of Note For Black History Month

Since it looks like I probably won't be writing anything this year about it, I decided to give you some links to some good posts I've read lately.

The first two posts deal with the "n-word." Fellow Blogcritic Elvira Black wonders "Should The N-Word Be Banned?" She relates the controversy over the n-word to her own life as a Jewish woman in this lengthy post that is definitely worth reading.

Another fellow Blogcritic, Richard Thompson, answers Elvira's question when he says that "Banning The N-Word Makes No Sense." Thompson, who is black, relates the use of the n-word to the hidden class gap in the black community.

Lastly, from Jim Hill Media comes a post by legendary animator Floyd Norman called "Now In Full Color: A Cartoonish Take On Black History." It gives you a small glimpse into his life as one of the few black Disney animators.

I hope you get some good reading from these posts.

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