Sunday, February 18, 2007

A New Mog and A Dead Blog

Although I've managed to avoid getting a MySpace, I've decided to join Mog, a sort-of similar site for music lovers. You can check out my newly created Mog, although be warned that I'll be tweaking it over the next few days.

Does this mean the days of music reviews on this blog are over? Not in the slightest. I will still post on my blog as usual. However, expect any future music sharing posts to be on my mog and not this blog.

Also, I have finally decided to officially close my creative writing blog Everyday Author. It's been dormant for nearly two years and I don't see myself adding something anytime soon. Everyday Author will stay up as an archive (which it pretty much is already) but the only new post you see will be the one I am going to put there announcing the closure in more detail.

I will eventually get back to creative writing and if I'm proud of something, I'll share an excerpt here. If I ever get to a point where I have a ton of stuff again, I could even take Everyday Author out of mothballs...maybe.

In the meantime, I think having a Mog could be fun.

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