Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Mystery Mixmania Theme

It's time for Part I of the big reveal...the theme to my Mystery Mixmania mix.

I thought about my theme for a little while. I bandied about quite a few ideas. The best idea I didn't use was a disc of stuff I found funny. Now, that would've been a great mix.

Okay, so what theme did I use then? The answer is...Instrumentals. That's the theme of both discs.

I really wanted to have a mix that had no vocals whatsoever. Of course, I found that it's a little harder to do than you'd think (damn the people that use subtle choral vocals and unintelligible vocal samples to augment the instruments). So, I didn't succeed in making the discs entirely vocal-free but there are no main vocals (or background vocals) to be found.

In hindsight, I wonder if I should have narrowed the focus a bit. I could've done a disc of soundtrack instrumentals, a disc of anime instrumentals, a disc of hip-hop instrumentals, or even a disc of Yoko Kanno instrumentals (I did once send out a three-disc YK mix). But when I think about it, I love the variety of instrumental music that is out there so I just made the mixes nice and broad.

So there you have it. Now go to my Mog right now and look for my post on the songs I didn't use for this mix.


  1. Jerry4:23 PM

    Good theme here too, but I didn't get your disk either.

  2. I cannot TELL!
    I am a bit inept at GUESSING!

    Passing thru...checking out the themes...